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  1. P

    Anxiety or... insanity?

    Hey guys im new here, my name is Ian and been having some issues that id like to share with you. Its gonna be a bit long, hope you guys read it and give me your opinion Ever since i was a child ive been phobic about everything, thats was due to rough childhood. Ive been bullied alot and...
  2. M

    Touch, haphephobia

    Hello, is there anyone who knows how to deal with haphephobia? I tried to get used to touch but it did not work. I tried forcing my way through the phobia without results. I was in a very long therapy also without any results. Mostlikely the cause of it was the fact that I stopped breaving a...
  3. A


    Hi thank you for taking the time to read my into. I’m a 31yr old female, recently married, I have a 2yr old son whom is my whole world, my reason for breathing and quite frankly the only reason I’m still breathing. I’ve suffered terribly since the age of 10 with a phobia of gagging on certain...
  4. T

    Scared of Pregnant Women

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum and I just wanted to see if anyone has advice for the situation I'm in... I have had an irrational fear of pregnant women since I was a teenager. I can't look at them, I cross the street if they are walking towards me, and seeing a pregnant belly makes me...
  5. K

    Driving phobia... not going away

    Hi, new member here. Sharing what I'm going though and looking for thoughs or suggestions. I sudenly stoped to be able to drive 4 years ago. I had been avoiding motorways since maybe 7 years ago but other roads were fine. I wasn't involved in any accident and I've checked every physical...
  6. I

    unbearable reaction to other people's pain/illness

    Hi Idk if this is the right place to post this but I can't seem to find anything online. I have a very frustrating problem because I can't read or see anything related to someone being in pain without having a panic attack. If someone is sick or in pain (or even worse if i am), my entire body...
  7. C

    My Itsy Bitsy Spider phobia

    Ever since I was little I have been terrified of spiders. They are just so creepy looking with their 8 legs and creepy eyes. I hate how fast they move. I'm not sure where the fear started, though I have vague memories of seeing a scene from a movie, which I later learned was the ending to the...
  8. S

    Treatment of social phobia

    The best way to overcome social phobia is to wear sunglasses. No one will make fun of you. Because they know you are sick with phobia. By this method you will attend large events without hesitation. Do not hesitate as losers do. Your loved ones will be very happy.
  9. S

    Obsessive,constant thinking and analysing

    Hello everyone! It is one of my first posts at this forum, so I ask you for understanding. Since about six years I am very slow-moving. My work efficiency , measured in corporate jobs, is 30%-60%. In 2001, after examination period at my university: convultions, nervous shake-ups like in...
  10. F

    Don't let agoraphobia take over your life

    I feel like this part of anxiety or brings amxiety so maybe that shoulf be treated firts but life should be lived without fears and worries. You shouldn't let a fear take over your daily basics and keep you from enjoying a life that has a purpose and full of joy. I used to be afraid of many...
  11. F

    The menace of bullying

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. I have been suffering from a large number of mental illness : OCD, SOCIAL PHOBIA, GAD, TRICHOTILLOMANIA, BODY DYSMORPHIA, PANIC DISORDERS and AGORAPHOBIA for as long as I can remember(I have been officially diagnosed by psychiatrist). All these run in my...
  12. F

    Can anyone help me????

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. I have been suffering from a large number of mental illness : OCD, SOCIAL PHOBIA, GAD, TRICHOTILLOMANIA, BODY DYSMORPHIA, PANIC DISORDERS and AGORAPHOBIA for as long as I can remember(I have been officially diagnosed by psychiatrist). All these run in my...
  13. R

    Any advice for emetophobia?

    Hey everyone. So I've had emetophobia (fear of people being sick/vomiting) for a few years now. It used to be bad if I was unwell myself, but my poor physical health has led me to get over that part of the phobia. However, my fear of seeing/hearing other people throwing up is still terrible...
  14. D

    Irrational fear that I've impregnated a girl

    I'm scared I got a girl pregnant. I hung out with this girl in January, we went out and drank then we were going to go our own way but before we wemt our separate ways she invited me into her car to talk a while longer and long story short we began to mess around a bit. She began to give me oral...
  15. P

    50 shades of crazy

    Hello! I am a 22 year old with a 60 year old mind and motivation. Currently taking Lexapro 20mg that has worked before but isnt doing **** now. Doc wants me to take Wellbutrin but doctor Google has warned me against side effects therefore i am considering not taking. I have klonopin that I dont...
  16. ita828878

    Phobia of bees. I'm desperate for help.

    No one in my life understands this. I try to explain it and everyone has the same response..."Most people don't like bees or are a little afraid of them, I understand." There's plenty of things I'm a little afraid of. This is a totally irrational fear that controls my everyday life when it's...
  17. L

    Car phobia

    Ok this probably seems like a really silly phobia but i have this fear about my car breaking down. its that fear of it not starting and being unable to get to work. And work are not very simpathetic Im finding the phobia so bad its keeps me awake at night my my cars is only three years old so...
  18. I

    Anxiety - any tips?

    Hey! Would you guys like to post your tips to get by. I have had anxiety for about two years now and it comes and goes as it pleases. I am in therapy. I get very worried during flu season and am much paranoid and wash my hands million times etc. I was just wondering what are the easiest ways to...
  19. M

    Disabling fear of the doctor / hospitals

    Hello everyone, thank you for reading. I'm hoping the mere sharing of my problem will offset some of the anguish this situation brings me. I have a phobia of doctors / hospital, simple enough but one that prevents me from ever visiting one and getting reassurance for certain ailments. Not...
  20. M

    A disabling fear of the doctor / hospital

    Hey everyone, firstly let me thank you all for reading this. I'm hoping the mere sharing of my situation will offset some of the negative feelings i experience daily. I'm terrified of the doctor, simple enough, but terrified to a point where i can't bring myself to go.... I'm late 30s, never...