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    The dissolution of personality

    Have any of you here experienced the dissolution of your personality prior to the onset of your current condition? While some aspects have been beneficial, for instance it appears as though my overall cognitive function and memory have vastly improved during this experience, I find that the...
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    1. there has to be a way to move forward 2. there has to be a way to move back (if i am not to be stuck in the birth canal forever i must get to the source of the problem and rearrange things until they do not hurt anymore. this is true for you as well to me. if it is a common phenomena then...
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    Themes of Delusions.

    Why is it so often so similar? Various forms of psychic & mind control phenomena. Varied religious themes. Aliens & Conspiracy.
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    Parapsychology and Anomalistic Psychology: Research and Education Course Description In January of 2015, an international group of lecturers will come together to talk about their own research into the many topics of scientific parapsychology from research...
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    More to dying than meets the eye

    More to dying than meets the eye: Martha Atkins at TEDxSanAntonio 2013 - YouTube Published on 10 Dec 2013 Those who work with the dying are familiar with patients seeing long deceased loved ones, angelic beings, even hearing music and comforting voices as the patient nears death. Deathbed...