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  1. S

    Episode length

    I'm very curious as to how long everyone's up and down phases last? Its always been a curiosity of mine since being diagnosed with bipolar. My most recent manic 'up' phases lasted 2-3 months as I was unmedicated and I'm now in the 2nd month of my depressive phase. My social worker keeps saying...
  2. K


    Hi! I don't know what to do. I don't know what's wrong with me and I need help. I have been to the doctors and it was so brief and she suggested anti-depressants - as I'm a creative person I declined. I don't want anything to get in the way of that. So I left and never went back. My 'symptoms'...
  3. M

    New member who is still not sure what it is that I'm dealing with despite having struggled for over 12 years

    New member who is still not sure what it is that I'm dealing with despite having struggled for over 12 years Hello everyone. I'm 26 years old, an aspiring writer who loves cats (I have two of my own), red wine and gaming. Besides from that I've been struggling with mental health issues for over...
  4. N

    new to bipolar

    hi there ive recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. even though i think ive been suffering for almost 7 years its still come as a shock knowin i have this condition. im currently on quetiapine 400mg at night as the tablets make me sedated . i think at the moment im in a manic phase. i...
  5. D

    obsessive phases, anyone?

    i was just wondering if anybody on here goes through what i call "obsessive phases". for example: somebody mentions something about the mayans, and you end up so wrapped up in reading up on them, learning as much as possible about them. you find it difficult to focus on anything else? or you...
  6. Da£t13

    Chicago girl

    It's nice to know that other people experience the daily struggle. I have been labeled as bi-polar. I've been struggling believing if it's real or not. Am I making it up in my head and can stop the mood swings?..or am I truly sick? Been through multiple drug phases (legal and illegal).. It's got...
  7. H

    advice required. (??PD)

    I would be lying if I said that this will make sense to any of you. I don't understand the way my minds works ... Take today for example, I had a perfectly normal fight with my parents. Before hand I felt so happy, blissful and basically untouchable. Then I had the argument and during it my...
  8. angrydad

    Introducing Myself

    Hi all I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder 35 years ago but due to the nature of the condition and the fact that I was on my own, gradually drifted out of treatment. Due to increasing manic episodes I have come back into treatment and now, after a month or so of very erratic behaviour, I'm...