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  1. S

    Does your pet help you?

    If you have a pet does it help with your depression and mental health? I have a cat whom I love to bits and he helps me with my mood. When he knows that I am sad then he wants cuddles and will always sit on my lap.
  2. B

    Crying over having to Euthanize cat

    My cat is 15 years old. Will be 16 this year. He's been sick since November. I took him to the vet right before Christmas and found out he'd lost over 2 pounds. He went from 11 pounds to 8.3 pounds. The past 10 days he's had nothing but liquid bowel movements that have been explosive. This...
  3. Funnyday


    Those of you with pets. What do you do with them when you are sectioned? I would like a pet. However, the thought of losing the pet if sectioned is putting me off. Does anyone help with temporary accomodation for them when you are in Hospital. Or is it a case of the rspca takes them in and they...
  4. L

    Does anyone have a cat or a dog?

    If so, what are your experiences with it in relation to your depression? I feel so utterly alone with zero support network, but I'm afraid to even bring a pet into my life because I'm afraid that I would make its life miserable. Rest assured, I would never physically hurt anyone or anything...
  5. loulabelle

    pet therapy

    I got a kitten she is beautuful !!! She choose me, she came straight over and started licking me !!! She is settling in really well already made her self at home. Hope the picture shows up :-D. Im feeling really good today, she gives me another reason to be alive !!!
  6. voyager

    If your Pet could talk what would they say?

    If,your Pet could talk, what would they say?
  7. S

    guess what

    everyone im really excited I might be getting two pet bunnies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Mandy2608

    pet sitting

    I'm thinking of getting out of my job and as a pet lover I've always wanted to do a personal pet sitting, care service. Not just dogs, cats, rabbits, fish you name it! My partner thinks it will fail but I would love to give it a go. Soooooo - pet lovers out there - what would you look for, want...
  9. loulabelle

    should i give up nursing??

    i am a vet nurse i made a fuck up on x-mas eve and today i found out that animal dyed a day later, to make matters worse it was a collegues pet my bosses in fact.. i feel awful about it, im not entirely sure my fuck up could of caused it to die its unlikly i think but again i could have sent it...
  10. B


    Hi, I've only ever used pet forums and introductions in those places are fairly straight forward. I have no idea what to say here though :unsure: I'm 29 years old and have a husband and three lovely boys... as well as lots of pets of course :D I'm feeling fairly desperate lately, have been...
  11. S

    pet cat

    our pet cat of 22 years passed away today. we buried him under our cherry tree. he will be sorely missed.
  12. R


    My name is Pauline, I'm here as I have suffered from depression for years, and thought this might be a nice place to talk to some like minded people. I'm from Southampton (UK) and like my pet dogs (two spaniels called Badger and Mole) and music. Hello everyone!!:clap:
  13. S

    Pet therapy

    I'm desperate for a pet but I can't have one as I live in a council flat with my boyfriend's family so there already significant personal space issues...I'd grown up with dogs and the closest animal to me (my sister's dog) died recently, so I'm really longing for some kind of animal contact at...