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  1. My_Second_Chance

    Effects Of Social Isolation!

    What are the effects of social isolation? Can it damage a person? If so, how and what? What is the impact it can affect the person's family and friends?
  2. B

    Hi all

    Hi everyone, I am new here and just looking to introduce myself. I am a 30yo male that has recently been diagnosed with Schizophrenia. I have suffered from bipolar disorder for several years but only recently diagnosed with Schizophrenia after my third suicide attempt. I am looking for anyone...
  3. D

    Disabled bus pass and train pass

    I already have a disabled persons bus pass as I am considered a risk driving due to meds which I am very thankful for, because money is very tight now. However, I have just found out that a support group that could help me is another town and the only way to make the journey is by train. My...
  4. cpuusage

    CRPD Course

    CRPD Course: Learn about the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities CRPD Course: Learn about the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  5. delatext

    mean,mean Doctor

    Saw All psychiatrists will learn how to: assess a person's state of mind use the “biopsychosocial” model of understanding. This emphasises the importance of a person's past experiences, family, culture, surroundings and work as well as any medical features. diagnose a mental illness use a range...
  6. F

    Mental illness genetically linked to drug use and misuse

    There are many reports of drug use leading to mental health problems, and we all know of someone having a few too many drinks to cope with a bad day. Many people who are diagnosed with a mental health disorder indulge in drugs, and vice versa. As severity of both increase, problems arise and...
  7. Returncc

    I can ID 3 sets of SZ "Vo"

    Within my perception of "vo", (voice-over) I can identify three different class types of voices. Below are my words to describe the differences. 1. International "vo" - these people are far away, are the "main" voices, very well trained and conditioned, they complain of being physically locked...
  8. cpuusage

    More comprehensive & humane understandings & approaches to schizophrenia/psychosis

    More comprehensive & humane understandings & approaches to schizophrenia/psychosis View of self as mind, body, soul & spirit within environment - biological, psychological, social & spiritual/transpersonal paradigm - Integral/Holistic - Intimations (a small selection) - Symbols of...
  9. C


    Flintshire Advocacy Services North Wales 1 The Podium, Ambrose Lloyd Centre, New Street, Mold, Flintshire CH7 1NP 01352 759332 [email protected] The advocacy service is structurally independent from statutory organisations. The service is designed and operates in a way which is free...
  10. D

    I'm done. Finished

    I'm at the lowest point that I've ever been. I usually make an effort at christmas but this year I physically and mentally can't. I needed the people closest to me to help me out but they've gone. I gave all my money to my parents (£1500 ish) apart from £100 for myself. I also said to exclude...
  11. M

    Yet another persons story...

    Hello. So before I begin I just want to apologise for this being yet another random persons story. I'm doing this because I have tried literally everything else I can think of. I was diagnosed with "suspected Depression" 2 years ago now. However I've been the way I am since I was 9/10 (about...
  12. Gajolene

    Drinking a blessing or a curse....

    Maybe this is something I should journal but want a broader view on it. I was raised with alcoholics. My mum turned to religion when I was 7 and quit and afterwards used alcohol as the evil excuse for everything and actually I was terrified to go into a beer store or liquor store well into my...
  13. C

    City of Glasgow

    Glasgow Time and Space Wellpark-Kirk Haven Business Centre 120 Sydney Street Glasgow Glasgow City G31 1JF Elaine: 07875219668 Lindsey: 07891673485 [email protected] Time and Space is a unique service in Glasgow offering support and information to people who hear voices and people...
  14. D

    I am not a person

    You could say I am a guardian angel I take on my persons negative emotions and depressive thoughts So that they do not harm themselves I exist outside of reality yet have a keen interest in what happens inside I have yet to find someone like me, and it gets very lonely especially when my person...
  15. M

    My mission

    So I lost two really good friends who I told about mental health and I decided to come off Citalopram as I feel that's what caused people to start hating me. Recently my mum was speaking to me and started crying and when I asked her what was wrong she told me that my baby sister had told her...
  16. Diesel1988

    Doing my best to recover and become me again.

    Today, i found that I am putting 100% into everything, i know i probably won't achieve it but I have high hopes for myself and my recovery. I made myself a new routine, and am doing well with it, but i usually struggle with it maybe 6 months to a year later. i also feel i lost my confidence...
  17. S


    Hi friends...this is for my best friend ..actually I want to know the psychology behind masturbation.how can we understand from a persons body language or speech that he or she used to do this..I want to confirm and save my friend .
  18. cpuusage

    United Nations Probing UK Over 'Grave' Human Rights Violations Of Disabled

    United Nations Probing UK Over 'Grave' Human Rights Violations Of Disabled United Nations Probing UK Over 'Grave' Human Rights Violations Of Disabled The United Nations has launched an investigation into whether Iain Duncan Smith's disability benefit changes have led to "grave or systemic...
  19. N

    It is over for me supporting people here and giving advice1

    I haven't been any help to people here. My experience which I try to share to give people a boost and strength to carry on just comes across as tough love and hard nosed factual pep talk,I am not being sensitive or caring enough, I am care taking and ending up getting blamed for the other...
  20. A

    As you get older, the less people care about you?

    I don't know how to explain this but hear goes. You know when your young you have the whole future ahead of you and it seems that their is funding for everything, you're treated better in hospital, their are specialist beds in small adolescent mental health units, your helped to reach your full...