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  1. R

    Devastated about my friendship with a drug addict

    I’m not sure where to start on this. Every time I try to be assertive with a friend about how I feel and what I need in a friendship. I’m just told I’m being too sensitive and taking things personally. I have a friend who makes plans and never shows up doesn’t even text to say something came up...
  2. soulsearcher

    you ever known anyone personally who has committed suicide?

    hey peeps so i was wondering if you ever known anyone personally who has committed suicide? if so what was the repercussions?
  3. mami5

    Claiming PIP

    I have a 21yr old son with learning disabilities. I would say his reading, writing and maths was similar to a 9yr old, if that. He hasn't been diagnosed with anything specific but he is very immature for his age.....when he visits me he often plays with Nerf guns with much younger children...
  4. L

    having a favorite person

    Hi everyone, I wanted to know do you believe in having a fp when you have bdp and if yes do you think it's possible that you fp is someone that you don't know personally like a celebrity or a pet ?
  5. N

    hi new here

    hi im niall an uneducated ex labourer , and was diagnosed with schizophrenia , because i was convinced people were sending me messages through tv and radio , iv found out its called delusions of reference ,' does anyone know the psychology of this?' , i personally think (on meds, that its kind...
  6. W

    Not engaging with CPN?!

    So I have saw my CPN twice in the last 4months, the second time she claimed that there was nothing she could do for me anymore so just gave me a number for online stuff. I dont know what help/support I need so she has given up. Is it a thing that you personally need to tell directly to the CPN...
  7. F

    Do psych nurses get the conversational difficulties we have?

    When I was mentioning my social interaction difficulties to the nurse yesterday she said I was ok one to one. I saw that as something of a dismissal of my issues. I pointed out to her it was because it was factual(we were going through my life history). I also pointed out I have great difficulty...
  8. S

    Why is this happening to me

    This all started with a hospitalization for suicidal thoughts I was brought to the hospital by police when I was a teenager. My doctor now thinks that I am psychotic. I do not communicate well with my dad it seems every time I say something to him he just says that what I am saying is not true...
  9. N

    Less Anxiety Medication - The Better! In terms of Being Away Early July

    Less Anxiety Medication - The Better! In terms of Being Away Early July Hi Folks, I am planning, that rather than just to aim to take the Lorezapam, for the holiday fortnight, early July; I'll plan like this; I had a bad sample effect happen on cruise, on a previous trip, and there was...
  10. S

    My story

    I am 28 and just graduated this January with my B.A in Sociology from a state o college in Pennsylvania. Also in 2016 I got married to my girlfriend of 3 years, which I now regret because of being both unemployed and so distant emotionally. Truthfully my personally scares me I have no problems...
  11. F

    A question for the non/self diagnosed

    Do you ever consider you may be selectively looking for facts to prove ASD/NVLD to yourself, and ignoring contrary evidence ? I do wonder,personally speaking, whether it's about the need to find something that explains how and who you are.
  12. E


    Hi everyone. I find Introductions difficult but I'll give it a bash. So, here goes... I'm 34 and I live in Lancashire (I'm not going to disclose my name or gender for fear of not knowing who's reading posts on here). I've been formally diagnosed as having Psychotic Disorder (which I've later...
  13. cpuusage

    How to No Longer Take Things Personally

    How to No Longer Take Things Personally ~ The Mind Awakening AUTHOR- Luminita D. Saviuc “Don’t take anything personally. Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of...

    Where do you stand?

    Say if you are applying for a job or a volunteer role. Would you be honest, and tell them about your mental health difficulties? Personally I do say, but I have learned that some diagnosis's are more palatable than others. Schizophrenia really scares them off - for example. People have told...
  15. H

    The Waiting Game

    Hi everyone, So an issue I face quite often is if I have plans for the day, I'm really restless and have no idea what to do with myself until I need to get ready and go out. I either end up sitting around getting really depressed and get too tired to go out by the time I need to or I get ready...
  16. C

    The Lothians

    East Lothian Recovery Group Psychological Therapies Herdmanflat Hospital Haddington EH41 3BU 0131 536 8518 The recovery group aims to: Provide an opportunity to discuss the challenges you face and what they mean to you personally Encourage you to focus on possibilities and help you to look...
  17. S

    My friend thinks he's insane

    Hi guys I am looking for some advice for a friend of mine. I have know him for about 7 years now over the Internet and not personally. I never expected anything to be wrong with him as he seemed so normal and easy to talk to. Only recently has he opened up to me and told me about his issues. He...
  18. M

    problem with psychiatrist

    hi I am new to this forum, I wanted to ask some of you about what I should re my psych. basically he hasn’t been playing by the rules and has been really dominating and I am quite worried about it. he seems to think he is some kind of king that can make me do what he wants and its all his...
  19. TiredTina

    A perfect description of me

    I just read this on the Anxiety Disorders Unite site and its me to a T (or even a TT) :) Please be patient with those who have anxiety. They say sorry a lot because they're genuinely afraid they've insulted you somehow. They ask if they're annoying because they genuinely think they've somehow...
  20. L

    learning to help yourself

    Hello, i am myself new to anxiety and to be honest its quite a scary place in my life, but i have now learned to accept the symptoms, i am only 22 and have only had it for around two and a half months. when i get anxious, i feel disconnected from the world, this is one of the scariest symptoms...