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    Is it bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder?

    Both borderline personality disorder and broadly defined bipolar disorder are common (prevalence: 1-6%). Comorbidity occurs in approximately 1 in 5 (Fornaro et al, 2016) with a high symptom overlap; impulsivity, suicidal behaviour and affective instability. This commonly leads to misdiagnosis...
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    Can drugs change personality?

    I mean not personality disorders but personality, character. Why am I asking this? Because, again, I'm at the point what is myself and what is my disorder. Last month my boyfriend left me, he said it's because of my personality not my disorder. He says I'm getting angry quickly, I'm...
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    Selective mute in adults?

    I was wondering if you can continue to be selective mute when your an adult? I'm in my early 20s and I had selective mute when I was a kid. I wouldn't talk to adults but would talk to people my own age. When I started exhibiting serious signs of mental illness when I was 13 ( PMDD, mania) I was...