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  1. J

    I don’t know what I’m doing with my life

    Sorry in advance for the long message. I feel like I’ve been stuck in the same cycle for the past 3 years now. My mum was personality disordered when I was growing up and she was also an alcoholic. She would be verbally, emotionally, physically and sometimes sexually abusive and my dad was...
  2. T

    does anyone know difference between those medical diagnosis?

    between Personality disorder and adjustment reaction+predominant disturbance related to schizoid personality.... and which one is worse/harder?
  3. O


    Hi I'm new to this forum never joined one before but I'm really struggling to Live with borderline personality disorder so I'm here looking for answers and some support really
  4. J

    Borderline personality diagnosis

    Hi first time here.. so I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder about 8 years ago but just recently a doctor diagnosed me with borderline personality disorder as well and because I am stable and NOT suicidal at the moment, it really scared me to read the statistics on suicide and bpd. I've already...
  5. E

    Why does my mother always talk to herself in a angry tone?

    Hello, So I want to say for the last 15 years I've noticed that my mother always talks to herself. It started off as a whisper and now it's almost like she's shouting. I know she realizes that she is talking to herself because whenever anyone comes near her she starts humming a tone to a song...
  6. S

    Personality disorder assessment - ADHD too? Advice needed

    Hi, I have been referred to a personality disorder assessment which is going to happen sometime within the next 2 months. This is with a Community Mental Health Team. About 7 months ago I got together with ny boyfriend, who has adhd, and for learning about it made me understand so many things...
  7. S

    Talking with my psychiatrist...

    Hey everyone. I'm sorry if this is possible against the rules -- my question isn't "should I get checked?" -- I know the answer is yes. I'm more asking for advice on how exactly I should approach this because my situation is a bit messed up. ...I've got an issue I'd really appreciate any...
  8. M

    Is there a better version of myself waiting to get out?

    I know with lots of mental illnesses, people are lovely, and lovely to know, but they have bad periods which make them act differently, but they have good days when people are glad to have them as friends, and they can socialize and make friends. With a personality disorder, is there similarly...
  9. J

    Could I have borderline personality disorder even if I don't self harm?

    Could I have borderline personality disorder even if I don't self harm? I looked up the disorder recently and it seems there's a lot of similarities but I have never wanted to hurt myself in any way. I am more likely to want to hurt others than actually myself generally when distressed. I mean...
  10. B

    Paranoid Personality Disorder help

    I'll try to be concise, but I think my friend has PPD. I don't know for sure because she refuses to go see a doctor. I have had this friend for about 10 years, we were very close the first few years, through the birth of her first child, and continuing until I felt the need to step back a bit...
  11. H


    I'm Hybrid xD ( Rather keep my name private, got friends that may be signed up here) I'm 18, i guess ive been selfharming for like a few years now Diagnosed with ADHD, Hate myself so much, Literally hate myself, the way i look, and my personality as well My friend keeps telling me i have...
  12. B

    I think I figured out why everyone thinks I am a lesbian! Please help

    Ok....for basically all my life people often mistake me for a lesbian. I would have no issue with that except for the fact that I am not or have never had any desires. I have really tried to pinpoint why lately, as it gets embarrassing and is hard to find a date! Then I realized something...
  13. M

    Hi everyone I'm new to the forum :)

    Hi all, I have mixed personality disorder and I'm hoping to speak with people also living with personality disorders. :clap:
  14. C

    My Fiancé, is troubled— plz HELP.

    What brought me to fall in love with my fiancé was that he was more caring, loving, and thoughtful then anyone I had ever met. After about 5 months of securing a relationship with me, 3-4 months into the relationship his personality and behaviors started to change. He went from easy going...
  15. J


    Hi I'm Jamie I have had mental health issues since I was 11, got diagnosed recently with borderline personality disorder. I'll try to post on threads I think I can contribute to.
  16. D

    Do you decide your personality, or the context makes your personality ?

    Do you decide your personality, or the context makes your personality ? Its just some thoughts ive been in mind, and now writing about it. "Do you decide your personality, or the context makes your personality ?", what i mean with this ? Its a big topic to talk about, so maybe i just say a...
  17. Not_Crazy_Yet

    I'm worried

    I'm worried that I may have DID. I know this will sound a little silly but I had a dream where I met a woman who said she lives inside of me. She said she was where my emotions come from. Idk if this really came from my subconscious or if it was just a dream. She named herself. None of my voices...
  18. M


    I found this place by chance on an off handed google search into whether or not there are others who feel like they have no personality i just kinda need someone to talk to about the subject
  19. SilverOakleaf

    Counselor suspects I have Schizoid Personality Disorder, but I'm not sure

    Counselor suspects I have Schizoid Personality Disorder, but I'm not sure Hey all, This is actually my first post on this site, sorry if it's a little long or poorly structured. I've been dealing with a lot recently, I have diagnoses of ADD, depression, and anxiety. Long story short, my main...
  20. F

    ASD/NVLD and personality traits ?

    It seems to me that all of us whether NT or not have personality traits. However how much of what might be undiagnosed ASD/NVLD is misattributed to personality traits that lead to a psychiatric diagnosis, and ignore the possibility of ASD/NVLD? My difficulty with social relations which is my...