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  1. G

    GP says that personality difficulties is not a diagnosis

    A few years ago my G.P. informed me of the most recent diagnosis I had been given from a psychiatrist who had known me for many years. This diagnosis had never been discussed with me and I had to look on-line to find out anything about it. I have also subsequently been discharged from the...
  2. Shana09

    What is going on with me, am I just a really bad person?

    What is going on with me, am I a bad person? There's something evil inside my head but I'm not evil and it makes me feel powerful, like a rush of excitement. Am I wrong about this or am I actually a really horrible person? I feel cursed, like I can unintentionally kill people with mind tricks...
  3. EmptyIInside

    The Four Subtypes Video

    Which are you? I overlap with Petulant and Impulsive.
  4. Deadheading

    One ignorant mother trucker

    Looking at this gem of a blog, and other online commentary like it, it makes me feel "Good, I'm happy you got burned by someone with BPD. You had it coming." Borderline Personality Disorder types use mood as excuse to abuse What an a-hole.
  5. U

    Needing attention too much

    Hello, everyone! I'm an 18 years old (almost 19) male and I simply don't know what to do about my exagerate attention need. It's making my life much more difficult than it should be. I'm so eager for attention I actually created profiles in tons of social media apps, including dating ones. The...
  6. Soul_Deeps

    What is happening with ICD11?

    Looks like every personality disorder will be merged into one... and there are some personality traits as undercategories. Looks like some things get straightout deleted.
  7. I_Want_Inner_Peace

    what is this that I'm realizing/feeling?

    Identity issues? Idk Long story short: I feel as if I have an underdeveloped personality. Although, some who know me say they think I'm quiet in words but loud in personality. In my younger years, I was either clinging to some of my school friends or somewhat copying them. Then in sophomore...
  8. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Do you question if you're really sick?

    How often do you question whether you're sick or not? I've been thinking lately that I'm not really ill. That I've confused and misled multiple trained providers. But then i have a visual hallucination I can't explain. I'm so confused. But I don't want to go back to hospital. Now that I have...
  9. S

    Make sense of mental health

    Trying to start this post to make sense of all of these indivual mental illnesses. We should support eachother, but in order to give he best support we have to understand about it.
  10. Poopy Doll

    My little dog

    I would just like to say that my little dog is the best medicine in the world. I never had a dog I loved as much as this little Pekingese. He has the brightest personality. He steals my socks. He follows me around. He's fun to walk. And he's taught me to love MORE.
  11. Guy12182

    Who is that man in the mirror?

    "When I look at myself I don't see, the man I used to be, somewhere along the line I fell of track, moving one step up and two steps back" "When I look at myself I don't see, the man I used to be" Classic line from Bruce Springsteens Titled song one step up. I am a musician, and I play...
  12. Guy12182

    What's my class of Personality Disorder

    I'm a person that wants to know and understand every disorder I have. I search to have it defined for me as well as being able to take inventory of symptoms involving these disorders so I can also confirm my diagnosis with my doctor/therapist.Meaning, just because a trained professional...
  13. C

    Struggling to keep control.

    Hi guys Joined here because I feel I need some more regular accountability and support because I'm starting to feel far out of control of my actions. I've had MH issues since childhood and I don't think my parents ever came to terms with it. In the last year I've finally had this diagnosed...
  14. C

    What does it take to get hospital treatment.

    I have Mixed Personality Disorder. I have been told by my AMHT that, because of this, they will NEVER section me or admit me to a Mental Hospital. No matter what I do. I actually want to be admitted to hospital (I know that might seem a little weird, but it is something I want and feel I need...
  15. S

    Where And Who My Voices Really Come From

    After 26 years of schizophrenia and hearing voices, I have formed an interesting conclusion regarding their etiology (the causes of my auditory verbal hallucinations). I used to think I was experiencing several voices belonging to multiple characters. Each character seemed to have its own...
  16. Fairy Lucretia


    every friendship i have ever had has ended people can't cope with me ,im worried there might be something more wrong with my personality :low:
  17. A

    (Metaphorically) naming my demons: alternatively "Who Am I?"

    my first time posting in a forum in all my years of internet use. wow. for as long as i can remember, the only thing that has been constant in my life is that my personality will change. recently i've given them descriptors but it's not like DID where it's a different person. it's still me...
  18. tjola

    please help

    I’m new here, just downloaded this app. I’m 23 and female and have bdp/EUPD anxiety, manic depression and body dysmorphia. I’m really struggling and I just want to talk to other people who have personality disorders. Please be kind, I’m really sensitive at the moment. Xxx
  19. Kerome

    The theory of positive disintegration

    I’ve been reading about this and thought it’d be worth putting up. A short summary: Basically the theory says that as you explore the dilemma’s inherent in being, you will encounter various problems leading to neuroses. By resolving these problems you either put them to rest or if not, store...
  20. F

    How to meet people while experiencing delusions?

    Hi, so my questions is, how do you meet girls or people in general while suffering from delusions. My delusions vary they go from obsessiveness to puzzled delusions of the breakdown of the world and your surroundings, and what I fear the most is that the fact that I suffer from this has changed...