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  1. E

    Personality Switches without Names? (PTSD)

    Whenever someone does something that reminds of ways I’ve been treated in the past, I get “triggered” and this “other side of me” takes over. I would say this side is nothing like myself but, I barely know who “I” really am. I just have all these “sides” and while they don’t have names they...
  2. J

    Multiple, quite different personalities

    One of my personalities wants to be alone and is socially anxious, and the other is so out of touch with reality that he wants kill anyone who he believes doesn't intelligently add to society. I don't know what mental illness this is, but it seems like a cross between schizoid personality...
  3. F

    Want to support aFriend that hears voices and seems to have multiple person aliases.

    Want to support aFriend that hears voices and seems to have multiple person aliases. My boyfriend, quite possibly EX now, hears and converses with people that are not there. There has been mention of rape, possible trauma that caused this, not sure. He also has stated that he has died and...
  4. katya

    MBTI personality test?

    Anyone ever done this? I have a very poor grasp of who I am a lot of the time, and I found the results from this test quite comforting (although taking it with a pinch of salt, obviously). 16 Personalities Share your personality types if you like. :) I'm INFJ apparently.
  5. D

    Narcissists and psychopaths is what makes the world progress

    You all know it. Human progress is due to antisocial risk taking behavior. For normal people, feelings get in the way of progress. I inherently believe empathy is a weakness, so in other words : We need less emotions not more. If we want to progress and evole our species that is. Other might...
  6. Q

    really lost and confused about my past...has anyone experienced symptoms similar to mine?

    really lost and confused about my past...has anyone experienced symptoms similar to mine? ive gone through many types of mental illness in my life. sa, gad, dp/dr, ocd, depression, you name it ive probably been affected by it at some point in my life. what im going through right now is really...
  7. Eldritch

    Voices having a personality?

    Does this make sense? Im hearing a male voice who says he wants to be adressed as "Bell". It makes absolutely no sense to me because before this I would hear words which I coulnt figure out the gender or who it was, narrarating what Im doing or berating me but now its turned into one demanding...
  8. pepecat

    Star trek voyager does mental illness....

    I was watching Voyager yesterday, and it was a really interesting episode which got me thinking (series 5 episode 7 'Infinite Regress')..... The plot was that the ship got close to some borg vinculum (processing thing from the middle of a borg ship), and, because the borg assimilates people...
  9. LexiDoll

    My multiple personalities

    Hey guys, I've been meaning to post about this but I've been feeling pretty silly about it due to the nature. The thing is, I've got quite a few different personalities, some I like and some that scare me. I'm getting help for them soon but I thought talking about them might help a little. So...
  10. Diesel1988

    5-6 different personalities

    it was a weird experience i had today, i had a appointment and when i was talking to the psychologist, i heard myself, I like turned into 5-6 different people, from the way i sat, to how I talked, and my BF was watching me like he wanted to get the heck outta there. I wanted to get outta there...
  11. cpuusage

    Films on Madness

    The Scribbler - An experimental machine is designed to eliminate multiple personalities... What could go wrong in this horror thriller? The Scribbler - Exclusive Trailer - YouTube
  12. Lincoln1990

    Hi everyone

    Hi my name is Sally. I decided to come on here. I am one of Lincoln's alter personalities.
  13. littlebit33

    DID and my life

    Just got out of the hospital (40 days locked up) and everything seems to be turned upside down. the personalities are screwing with my life and i am losing it. Inside a dang baker act facility I almost killed myself 2time (3min away from permanent death), multpile occasions when other...
  14. flippyflop

    "Nobody has a RIGHT to feel happy."

    "Nobody has a right to feel happy." This quote was given to me by a friend on facebook, apparently it's from a Russian philosopher or something, and it got me thinking... I think it's true, and I think happiness is something that needs to be worked on for most of us. Some people are born with...
  15. Raina Walks

    D.I.D. getting me down....

    it sucks to have multiple personalities...i am aware of 12 different personalities which i have named with at the encouragement of the books i've read and my nurse who insisted that i give her a name when talking about a particular one...plus there are others...i stopped counting at 12 because i...
  16. V

    Feeling of never being alone inside my mind?

    Does anyone know what I mean, I'll try and explain as best as I can. I feel as though I'm not alone, as though there are other spirits that live inside me, which sometimes talk to me or about me, possess me or float outside me as though I'm in a crowded room even when I'm not. Does anyone else...
  17. T

    loosing my true self

    Hi everybody, Hope everyone is well firstly. I'm a 22 year old guy going to university...My problem is that for a couple of years maybe 6-7 I am putting on personalities to look good and/or feel good. I carried this to a point that I don't know who I am. I don't know what I should think...
  18. F

    Kim Noble: The woman with 100 personalities

  19. E

    Multiple Personality Disorder

    My psychiatrist thinks that i may have MPD and a touch of psychosis, i'm very careful to what i say to him but i think that he's right.I've been struggling with my other personalities since i was a teenager but never knew that i had this disorder (thought i was just weird) one of my...
  20. L

    is it normal for voices to have different personalities

    hi everyone who reads this i have a question is it normal for the voices to have different personalities . my do btw and its freaky. and how do you guys cope with hearing them? when i hear them its normally from the outside but i have a few on the inside and there out of control , i really dont...