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    Pfft saying hello is so boring :grin: I joined because this year has brought a sharp focus on to my interpersonal relationships of all flavours, and I hope to make friends and share experiences and support for the problems life brings. My official diagnoses are of GAD and Depression. I also...
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    Obsessions with people...why?

    I’m not even sure if this fits in this forum but I’m not sure where else to ask. I have this problem where I become overly fixated on this one person. I feel like I have to know every single last detail about this person. Instead of just talking to them, I will go to crazy limits to find them...
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    Hating myself

    I am a 40s male whom had lived my life undiagnosed . I have been in and out of jails prisons , treatment hospitals. I did not know I was mentally ill I was hiding it with alcohol and drugs which did not work out too well.All this compounded with an brain Injury has made my life very difficult...
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    help please

    Hey guys, So I've been like this for about 7 years and never sought help. Every time I get a girl i obsess. i worry that if they dont reply for a whole day they are doing something bad, I think what have i done? I think what could i have done to prevent this? Not only that, I obsess in an...
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    I want to die.

    I just self harmed. I want to die. My mother is mad at me. She told me if she died, it will be my fault. I'm a terrible person. I just want to be dead.
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    I'm so fucking stupid, i can't live with myself anymore. I cannot be happy with the person i am, i'm gonna just have to accept the idea of death.
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    Three questions and your views please. Thank U

    Just a very quick questions that a long timer like myself will probably know the answer or even younger person I have read that BPD as you get older it becomes more manageable in your 40-60's is this a fact? Anyone else fear of going back to work having been with BDP all my life as I am...