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  1. E

    Lunatic Mother

    Hello. Firstly, if there is a better place for my question, please let me know :grin: Sorry if this is long! My family really needs help! My mother had suffered a TBI three years ago. It was rather bad, but she has nearly fully recovered, luckily. Now, however, she is like Jekyll and Hyde...
  2. D

    What does it mean when you dream of a person you want to meet

    that you hung out with them and met them in you dream but have not in person yet In real life you asked a person you know to help you meet him but hasn't happen yet. but the person been busying could this mean you will meet the person in real life ?
  3. F

    Everything in my life right now is abusive, and I need to make changes.

    Everything in my life right now is abusive, and I need to make changes. I am in a bad situation at the moment. I have been in a relationship of 10 years plus which I believe to be controlling. This person was my boss and started a relationship with me. I had to leave my job because of him...
  4. G

    Need help with difficult social situation

    Need help with a difficult and rather frustrating situation. I have this very difficult friend. I don't know what to do about it anymore. All I know is that I literally can't spend much time with him because he's very draining of my energy and resources. I've tried to imply as nicely as I can...
  5. Y

    BPD sucks!!!

    My was diagnosis years ago like at age 27 was bi polar, BPD with generalized anxiety. I've had three different therapist tell me they don't think I'm bi polar. I Believed that at first. Recently I have figured out that I have some traits of bi-polar along with BPD traits. Anxiety is the killer...
  6. O

    Finally admitting i need help.

    I have been depressed so long and have not sorted it that it has turned to anger and irritability. I have so much hatred and resentment toward my family I feel I may burst at any moment. I live with my epileptic brother who I care for and my old mother who I care for. And I hate them so much. I...
  7. I

    I'm stuck and struggling, is there a names for the tears that fill your eyes in your dreams?

    I'm stuck and struggling, is there a names for the tears that fill your eyes in your dreams? I don't know how to start. It's all so overwhelming. I slept a few minutes then work up with tears in my eyes again. I want to be done with everything. I want to end it. It would be a luxury to be done...
  8. L

    Scared to meet people in person

    Is anyone else scared to meet people in person but completely fine talking to them and opening up about personal issues via social media and texting? Making plans well in advance then canceling last minute or never being available and always "busy" to see people in person but will talk to them...
  9. I

    Help for a loved one who self harms

    Someone I really love goes through fazes of self harm. I am worried about them. I'm afraid they will wind up getting infected or going too deep and dying. I've talked about this to them before. They always promise they will stop but never do. That person suffers severe mental illnesses too. What...
  10. Shana09

    What is going on with me, am I just a really bad person?

    What is going on with me, am I a bad person? There's something evil inside my head but I'm not evil and it makes me feel powerful, like a rush of excitement. Am I wrong about this or am I actually a really horrible person? I feel cursed, like I can unintentionally kill people with mind tricks...
  11. G

    Loving dangerously toxic people

    Listen I don't use that word lightly. Its almost like a swear word. Defining a toxic person, somebody who puts you in danger, says hurtful things, is careless and inconsiderate to the extreme. There is somebody like this trying to pry their way back into my life from a long time ago, an old...
  12. J

    Getting help with and for my Girlfriend - Psychosis, Anxiety, Schizophrenia?

    Getting help with and for my Girlfriend - Psychosis, Anxiety, Schizophrenia? Hi, thank you to anybody taking the time to read this, its the first time I have reached out online, here is the back 'story' as shortened as possible: Been with my GF for around 8 years now, around 3 years in we came...
  13. LucyInTheSkyWithDiamonds

    I feel cursed

    That's right, I feel cursed. People seem to secretly hate me. I'm not a bad person, I'm kind to people, I enjoy being around them and I care even about people who aren't close to me. Yet I feel like there's no one who'd be the same. The only person that truly loves me is my mum. My father is a...
  14. G

    Anyone relatable to this situation?

    I have a social dilemma. Four years back I started hanging out with this person. At first things were great. We hung out with his group of friends, every day. We were stoners, drinkers, etc. We chilled every day for hours and hours. after a while things went south. I'm convinced the relationship...
  15. M

    Thoughts of hurting other people

    I don't know if this is in the right place so apologies if not. So basically I've always been a caring person who likes helping others / animals and I hate fighting, I think the only times I've ever fought is to look out for people who I felt were being mistreated and couldn't look after...
  16. M

    Heartbreak problems

    Hello, I am here seeking to share my experience of how a relationship breakdown has affected me as a person. I'm new to this forum business so not really sure if I'm in the right place but hopefully this can start some dialogue about how relationships can affect mental health. I was in a...
  17. W

    Feel like my partners therapist

    Hi.. my partner has GAD. He’s a very vocal person and also very anxious and worried person. The smallest decision needs to be discussed.. and he is always worried about things that can go wrong. Sometimes I feel like I’m his therapist.. and he’s mentioned that too. He tells me absolutely...
  18. B

    Losing motivation and losing my interests

    For starters, I’ve never been on one of these forums before so forgive me if I lack the proper etiquette needed (: The main reason I decided to join this is because of a struggle I’ve been having the last few years. Perhaps it’s depression or perhaps it’s just growing pains but here it goes...
  19. C

    How do I properly punish myself?

    I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact I'm a bad person, many people have made me realise lately how much of an emotional abuser and toxic person I am. So what do I do to get the full affect of making sure I feel as much pain as possible that I deserve? They're right when saying the abused...
  20. P


    So I'll try to explain this the best way I can. I really try to see the good in people. However, I've been dealing with very severe auditory hallucinations for 5 years. There is this guy that I'm really uncertain about, and every time I see him I try to forget about it but I'm bombarded by...