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  1. D

    Be aware of signs when family members target you with mind play.

    I have never been diagnosed with a mental illness although my family and some relatives believe I am. Heres 1 sign of this. We all gathered at my parents home for thanksgiving and during conversation my adult neice pointed her finger right at me as she was talking about how insane her ex-husband...
  2. M

    Why positive emotions are everything (brief statement)

    If a person loses his voice, he can no longer sing. If a person loses his legs, he can no longer walk. If a person loses his sight and hearing, he can no longer see and hear. Likewise, when a person loses his happy emotions due to clinical depression or any other factor, he can no longer love...
  3. qwerty1234

    Dark sides to my personality

    I find I engage conflict sometimes, enjoy combative or litigious behavior, and while i think that critical thinking is important, i don't want to burn through friends bu picking fights. Anyone who likes deep discussion about philosophical and psychological topics and is ok with aggression and...
  4. Deadheading

    Rage against humanity

    I am alone and I have been very unsuccessful finding friends online to talk to. No one writes back. Online is easier for me because they write in their little post about what they like or are interested in. It makes it easier for me to strike up a conversation when I know something about the...
  5. O

    Helo, please help with an advice, is this a mental disorder ? PLEASE

    It's about a person who always does the following with his loved ones, relationships: Every time she attaches herself to a person, she breaks contact suddenly, leaves. She says she knows that it is useless and that the person she leaves would spend useless time with her, because she is useless...
  6. P

    I don't know where to turn :-(

    Hi I'm new to this site but I need guidance on what to do. Me and my partner had a preemie baby last Dec born 30+ weeks and it's been a real tough year, so much so I was drinking every night to block it out. I'm gonna start off by saying last night my partner said "You've changed since he...
  7. meowy


    nice to meet you,, id like someone to talk to. i have no one to talk to about things like this, and it would be nice if u can listen to me. i am 24, with anxiety and depression that ive had for the majority of my life. id like to know if there is a mental disorder i might have been born with...
  8. D

    Feel lost and tired, and scared

    Don't know how to start this but here I go. In the sense of how I feel lost, recently my ex came to me to apologies for believing other people and the rumours that spread (luckly I had friends who know who I am and tells me to listen to them) I felt love again but she wanted me back in her life...
  9. soulsearcher

    i dont know why im still alive

    i want to die and i want to die really badly, i dont understand why god is testing me like this, im a sh*tty person who deserves nothing but death :low:
  10. fazza

    Anger to the point of combustion

    I did not drink last night as I thought it would help with thinking more clearer. I may have well drank the bottle On my way now to pick up some meds from the pharmacy. I have been give 10mg haloperidol and 5 mg diazepam. My anger issues are getting out of hand and I genuinely believe that...
  11. S

    28 and dead inside..

    Whats up everyone.. I'm new here and I'm going through a terribly bad time at the moment in my head and I don't know where to turn. I don't see any way back into life, I feel as if I'm on the outside looking in at everybody and I'm stuck there. I lost all of my so called friends when I was...
  12. Mr.NiceGuy

    The Vestibular system and the gyroscope microphone

    I had a strong belief for the past 6 years that it was the ear's balance system not the cochlea that was responsible for auditory hallucinations like voices. I put it together in my head that unexplained science like gravity, dreaming, schizoid, were all connected and that the balance system was...
  13. L

    Hello from Luxin

    October 16, 2018 Hello all, I'm Luxin, male, 67 years, caucasian from Canada (born Scotland) living in the Philippines. I discovered the forum while google searching for "I'm a good person", because I'm looking for people who know that they are, but are troubled, as I was, quite seriously as a...
  14. Kirkpatrick

    Living two lives on the same time line

    Normally, I'm garden variety BPI, but recently, I keep having the feeling that I'm really living in two different lives. I'm the same person in each one, its just the conditions that led up to me becoming who I am are different. I feel like the one I'm in now, the one where I take shitty...
  15. L

    Difficult parents - how to forgive and move on

    Hello everyone, I just need to talk to someone about a situation that has been causing me enormous anxiety and stress. My parents have always been quite difficult, in different ways. I must say that I didn't spend the early years of my life living with them but with a relative as they were...
  16. S

    Cant figure out how to overcome my anxiety

    I'm never comfortable in my own skin. I have such low self confidence and ive been just a socially awkward person most of my life. I'm feeling at a low point in my life because I recognize I have these problems, and no matter how hard I try every day, my brain is just hardwired to make me look...
  17. InfiniteRectangles

    Am I Selfish?

    Sometimes I wish I could find just one person who completely understands me. But then I think, is that selfish of me? For someone to totally understand me, they would have had to go through the things I have, and I wouldn't wish my pain on anyone. Still, though, I want to be understood. I want...
  18. M

    Having a loved one with schizophrenia.

    Hello everyone. I am a girl that has a loved one suffering with schizophrenia. I live in Europe, so i want to ask a couple of questions to you who are in my situation. And after that we can chat a little because my mental health is not on the top because of this and i need someone to talk to...
  19. N

    I need advice please help.

    I've been in contact w/ someone who has BPD & I belive needs some kind of proffesional help but they do not want to have it happen in person (for reasons I will not mention) & they cannot pay for it. I would like to help them but I don't know where to direct them. Please could I get some...
  20. K

    Please help me understand what is going on

    Hi all, I am new to this forum. I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder but this post/ask for advice is not about me... My boyfriend apparently suffers from pretty severe depression. We’ve been together for about 8 months and I knew he saw a therapist and had some self esteems issues (humor...