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  1. U

    Person I made in my head?

    Throughout the years, another person started to develop in my head. I think it all began when I was around 14 and I've realized their presence but didn't know what it was. When I'd be mad and angry, I'd start thinking about murder, robberies and bad things that I could do... but when I was 15, I...
  2. Fairy Lucretia

    am i

    like everyone else on the forum? like a person i feel separate from everyone :low:
  3. GhostRagdoll

    I forgot who I used to be.

    I've suffered from DP/DR for about 7 years now. My anniversary of my diagnosis has just recently passed. I've heard that DP/DR goes away on its own, especially if it's the result of heavy drug use. My DP/DR is trauma based. I won't get into all of it, but let's just say that over the course of...
  4. E

    Can't walk up or down stairs

    I forgot to mention this to my psychiatrist so it here it goes. When I'm walking up or down a stairway I subconsciously step at the same time someonelse is stepping. Two sets of feet, one rythmn. For some reason it makes me feel better. I can only guess that if the other person realizes it and...
  5. S

    Is my girlfriend a narcissist/sociopath?

    I've been dating my girlfriend for over a year. Here are my suspicions of sociopathy or maybe narcissism? -Has very few friends - only 1 close friend before she met me -Withholds affection when angry, and gives silent treatment -Stands by her statement that shes's not better than everyone but...
  6. Azelka


    Hey, my psychiatrist proposed to lower my meds but I'm scared not to feel alright anymore if she does this because I have in mind that this good feeling comes from the meds and not from me. What should I do? Am I right when I say that meds can make a person feel better in his shoes?
  7. F

    Coming face to face with an abuser from my childhood in new job.

    I have spent day two of my new job realising that I may more than likely come face to face with an abuser from my childhood. I cannot describe how horrible the prospect feels right now. I am battling anxiety and acid reflux as it is. I have done really well today, but finding that this person...
  8. R

    I think I really am a terrible person

    Hi, I always thought I was a reasonably nice and caring person. Apparently thou according to a friend I sexually harassed him and that’s why he always hits on me. I don’t have casual sex because it’s one of my values and I had told him that many tines yet he still asks if he can sleep with me...
  9. H

    ''keeping my humanity''

    Have you ever heard or read someone talking about the time he felt depressed and mesuring his success by ''keeping their humanity''. Let me elaborate. By keeping their humanity, they meant keeping their calm with people. Not showing frustration, not showing oversensitivity with life, family and...
  10. R

    How can I help my partner?

    Hi. My partner of 18 months suffers from severe depression and anxiety. He gets very moody and although I know he is going through a difficult time, I find it hard to cope when he criticises me all the time and shouts at me. I want to help him but I’m quite a sensitive person so the shouting...
  11. katya

    Abusers masquerading as victims in a survivor group

    TW: mentions of abuse, etc. Such a long story. (This person isn't a part of this forum; I just need to rant, because this has been building up for a while, and I don't know what to do next.) I'm part of a couple of survivor and mental health groups on Twitter, and there are two people - a...
  12. F

    Hello and happy new year to all!

    I just figured out that I already had an account on here which I must've got distracted from before getting involved at the time. Hope everyones new year is going as well as can be expected for your circumstances so far. I am a female to male transgender person from the UK with multiple mental...
  13. O

    Its weird writing about yourself, right?

    Hey there, So…. I have recently discovered that I have suffered with anxiety and depression for about 10 years without even realising it. After hitting breaking point, I have now started taking medication in order to help deal with this after years of not telling anyone. This medication was not...
  14. G

    How do you feel about yourself?

    I'm not sure how to word the title but how do you feel about yourself? I strongly believe it is impossible to hate yourself. You can be embarrassed by your looks or reflect by how or what others say about you. For instance when I look in the mirror I think, honest to God and not in an arrogant...
  15. L


    I'm new here, not sure what to expect... Recently discovered in individual counselling my incredibly destructive patterns with relationships and 'relationship addiction' and an anxious attachment style. all this time (for a number of years) I have been dealing with depression and anxiety, but...
  16. albie

    Do Your Voices Seem Like a Real Person?

    Been to my doctor to tell her my voices are getting more vindictive. She said I need to get back into the mental health system. I tried to tell her what the voices were doing. My voices seem to be a real person. I feel like there is someone living in my body. They are playing a nasty game with...
  17. B

    anxiety+relationships=better off alone?

    So long story short, I have developed such bad anxiety in my relationship, it is almost like a bad habit. It is slowly breaking me down, and I feel out of control and constantly gaslighting myself. Please read. Please help. I'll try to cut to the chase. But essentially, whenever I'm around my...
  18. letmein

    how low can one person go?

    hi gang sorry not been around so how low can one person go before its too much for them to take? so dam low here, sick of "faking it" for family. I need some help to get through to the new year, do I ask to be hospitalized? as a measure of safety for myself?
  19. N

    Turns out they moved a pyromaniac in our shared supported living house

    We had a new person move in. He has previous arson convictions which he openly admitted a few times on visits before he moved in. He had been in a forensic hospital for some years because of the arson/s. I had some concerns because he was an arsonist and would be moving into a shared house with...
  20. mischief

    UK - Final report of the Independent Review of the Mental Health Act

    Matt Hancock the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care today (6 December 2018) has published the final report of the Independent Review of the Mental Health Act. it is called: Modernising the Mental Health Act Increasing choice, reducing compulsion. The report is available at...