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  1. U

    Feeling want to disappear from entire world

    Do you feel like your parents want to using you as slave? Because I feel like it.I lost my dad before I was born, then I be fed by my grandparents because my mother have new hasband when I'm in grade 6.My grandparents rather old-fashioned, they want me to study and get A+ in every single...
  2. N

    Social worker reluctant to fill in Council housing application form.

    Because he says it's a conflict of interest. I'm in Supported Living and have wrote a letter to the housing association who owns the property asking if I'm allowed a dog and I think they will refuse me permission because my manager says she's concerned for the dog if I go into hospital so I...
  3. S

    F****d. F****d. F****d.

    Everything is fucked. My pay has been fucked up. I now can't move out. I can't afford therapy. My relationships with people are beyond fucked up. I have no money. I have no friends. Guys can't put up with how I am. Or they just take what they want from me with or without my permission. I have no...
  4. S


    I hate being born as a girl. He used me without my permission. Got realised that all these days he was doing the same
  5. A

    Is this weird

    I recently celebrated a 10 year anniversary with my hubby on a cruise. We were away from our kids for about a week. Some days before and during the cruise i couldnt even enjoy myself because i was so worried that something bad was going to happen to me or my kids while we we were away. I...
  6. confusedwanderwaffle

    dying miserable

    [I don't know if i am bi-polar but feel I am so anyway hence the chosen sub-forum] I want this to stop. But a thousand thoughts/obsessive-thoughts/paranoias race through my mind everyday and so by the time ive written this sentence, I will have forgotten most of those things; the passing...
  7. Nikita

    MIND SMILE Courses!

    Just attended on of MIND's Smile courses meant to help you recover from mental illness,advertised as lifestyle balance,learn to manage emotions ,deal with stress/anger etc. The woman was horrible who was running it.She was arrogant,brash and in your face before she got to know you and talked...
  8. pepecat

    10 things passive people say.

    https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-squeaky-wheel/201511/10-things-passive-people-say?utm_source=FacebookPost&utm_medium=FBPost&utm_campaign=FBPost How passive you are depends on your personality, your perceptions of the world and your place in it, your feelings of empowerment and...
  9. T

    My mother

    I have really high concerns for my mother and I know that it comes down to depression and possibly other things such as anxiety and possibly agoraphobia. My mother is 62 years old and she has been living with my grandmother (who's 90) since 2008 when she split with my father, since then she has...
  10. H

    new therapist want to write letters to my gp

    my gp dont know about my eating issues though and i donno what to do. it says: You are requested to give permission for your therapist to be in contact with your general practitioner, your dietitian (if you are referred to a dietitian) and in some cases, the NHS commissioner who makes...
  11. E

    Some good news for a change

    Well I got a letter from the Upper Tribunal today, they've granted me permission to appeal to them, I didn't know I even needed permission & I'm glad I didn't know as it would've been one more thing to worry about. They've given their reasons & in doing so have been rather critical of the Lower...
  12. M

    I want to drive

    Almost 5 years and no sign of psychosis. It was my first episode and yes, sometimes I do feel it was a misdiagnosis. I was on 5mg Abilify for a long time until recently when I hit a depressive ep so now I take 7.5mg. No other meds. I want to drive but afraid they won't let me. I have applied for...
  13. E

    Appealing to the 'upper tribunal'

    Does anyone have any experience of appealing to the upper tribunal? The first-tier tribunal took the DWP's side & rejected my appeal against ESA being stopped, 4 weeks ago I asked the first-tier tribunal for permission to appeal to the upper tribunal & I'm still waiting for an answer; I've been...
  14. S

    without permission

    The hospital has been calling my dad without my permission gossiping about me
  15. C

    Permission to swear like a troope (not BP)

    Why the feck are the male of the species led by their balls?!! In a situation where I cannot 'turn up' and see my new wee grand-daughter while other granny is sticking her oar in big style. Mother of the infant is an only - and a spoilt brat. Let me stamp around a bit and swear. And my son is...
  16. M

    masters application wish me good luck

    hi everyone, after a very wavy couple of years i am finally balance and ready to continue my studies not for a phd as i was hoping but for a msc... my personal tutor asked my permission to mention my mental health issues in his reference letter in order to excuse my bad results in some of my...
  17. S

    SW attends my appointments with PDoc

    Since my SW has made a few mistakes, he's since invited himself along to attend my private appointments with my Pdoc. Do your SW's do the same thing, without asking your permission? I realise I can turn around & say that I don't want him there, but I have nothing to hide, so it doesn't really...
  18. A

    Can My Work Write To My Psychiatrist?

    Hi, Firstly I have suffered with anxiety/depression for around 6 years now and insomnia for 1 year ( 23 years old ) Ok I have been seeing a psychiatrist for quite a few months and my work allowed me to leave an hour early on a Thursday to attend my appointment. My boss yesterday said my HR...