1. S

    BED - Managing the gap between diagnosis and treatment

    Hi, all. After a long period of trial/denial/fear, I spoke with my GP on Thursday and he agrees that I am deep into BED territory. I have a fasting blood test on Wednesday of next week with an appointment the Wednesday after for the results so we can eliminate any underlying conditions or...
  2. valleygirl


    Two weeks ago I was super high energy - not really hypomanic, I don't think. But I was bubbling over with ideas to implement with the toddlers I work with. I felt great, motivated, excited about my work. A week later I started my period and came down with an insanely sore throat, and I...
  3. M

    can't fully recover from existential crisis

    Hello everyone. Earlier this year I had an existential crisis that lasted a few months. I don't think it was caused by depression - I had no physical symptoms. I was just continually wondering: Why are we here? What are we supposed to do? etc. When I was in that state I begun doubting...
  4. B

    does this sound like bipolar disorder

    I'm a 20 year old male and I already have a diagnosis of psychosis anyway I think I've got bipolar because I go for a period ranging from a few days to a couple of months where I'm really low I can't be bothered with life and I feel suicidal other times again ranging from a few days to a...
  5. T


    Has anyone ever experienced abilyfy after the libido disappeared completely but returned after the end of the period? So that with abilyfyn had sexual abilities?
  6. I

    Caretaker questions

    Would someone with mental illness and on S.S.I. be able to care for a loved one long term? Or would that person have to get a job first? You see, I really love my father and want to be able to take care of him when he can't. But I am in no condition right now as I can barely take care of myself...
  7. C

    Complex PTSD and getting better?

    Hi everyone, It is a long time since I posted here. I am sure my symptoms are CPTSD and they are a result of prolonged workplace harassment. I see a psychiatrist to this end in about 12 weeks.....nhs waiting times. Is there anyone else here dealing with the same thing or has dealt with it...
  8. N

    Not sure where to start

    So basically I'm on here because I've come to realise there maybe something up with me.. short story I won't go in to detail.. basically o go through periods of happiness ok with life etc then I'll go through a period of being pissed off constantly not happy in life no motovation, I'll then go...
  9. crescent_moon82

    Need some advice

    I’m having this dilemma, I want to work a part-time job to supplement my SSDI. However, I used up all of my trial work period and extended work period which lasted 3 years. Needing advice on how to approach a potential employer. I don’t want to go over the substantial gainful activity or I...
  10. K

    My inner world...Please help me...

    I want to share my personal experience with u people.My language is not English so excuse my mistakes in this post.I am 21 years old.In a period of my life, 5 years before I became very much religious and got too much involved in religious activities.All the time I used to think about religion...
  11. N

    the monster is back

    I beat the anxiety once. It came back like 3 months later even worse than before. I wanted to die. Every day was filled with panic attacks, tight chest, heart palps...there are no words to describe how terrible it was. I beat it again for a longer period of time. And now in the last few weeks...
  12. I


    Went to Dr who said they don't see any point of me going back and have signed me off complete notice period just so scared of telling work.
  13. I

    so scared

    Hi I've got doctors this morning and I'm feeling really scared the thought off having to work notice period makes me genuinely sick ,I can't cope
  14. B

    Holding on to a job with bipolar!

    Can anybody help me. I started a new job back in July 2016 and didn't get off to a good start. I was bullied and intimidated by the manager. He walked out leaving me to run the place until they got a new manager. Because of what happened they extended my probationary period by 2 months. This...
  15. valleygirl

    Pre-Menopause and Mental Health

    I think I might be experiencing the beginning of pre-menopause. I had what felt like 2 hot flashes yesterday. They just came on all of a sudden and felt like I had to get my cardigan off IMMEDIATELY. Even that wasn't enough, and I went outside to cool off. I've also been having much worse...
  16. A


    Hello all I have had depression for a number of years. I have been put on venaflaxin 75mg evening and 37.5mg morning but I have a little bit of a problem I haven't come onto my period done a test it was negative, but the question I have is this normal?????? Someone pls help
  17. F

    MAD WOMEN of the mental health forum, HOW IS YOUR CYCLE?

    A little while before I lost the plot I had (accidentally) unprotected sex with a friend with whom I had a fucked up and very intense relationship with. It was a terrible idea for a multitude of reasons that I will spare you the boredom of. I think I became pregnant and then miscarried after 2...
  18. B

    New person - diagnosed schizophrenia

    hi, i am new to this forum...I was told that am having schzophernia in 2012 ...since then I was on and off medicines till today.....during this period when i am not on medicines i have dillusions and hulucinations .....I feel like women love me and want to have sex with me.during this period i...
  19. Electric

    Why do we love someone?

    I wonder: why do we love someone? Is it a feeling without any reason, or is it a state of being we are in in a certain period of our lifetime? What do you think?
  20. A


    I am on 6 mg of risperidone . My period has completely gone for the last year. My psychiatrist says since we quit increasing it should come back. Has anyone else experienced this? When will my period come back? I would like to start ovulating and get everything running normally.