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  1. H

    once more

    Two female voices very cruel and demanding that i perform different tasks. No relief very close to not coping at all. what else can i say?
  2. S

    Russians to perform first ever head transplant

    it was on the news tonight, Russians are to perform the first real life head transplant.
  3. A

    suffering from schizo-affective disorder ,panic attack ,abnormal thought process,

    suffering from schizo-affective disorder ,panic attack ,abnormal thought process, Im a 32 year old male from india.Over the past years I have visited several psychiatrists,psychologists.psychologists. I've done my schooling & post graduation.Over the past 12 years I have been relatively...
  4. U

    My first post

    Hey Everyone I am brand new to this forum, and who better to talk to about depression then people who actually understand how difficult it can be. I have known I have depression for over 10 years and have been stable on a mix of medications. This past year my doctor convinced me to go off one...
  5. H

    Social security disability

    I have been diagnosed with bipolar and now believe it cost me my job 1 1/2 years ago. I filed for disability based on the federal definition being you could not perform your job. Pennsylvania disability determination is now investigating and they say I only qualify if I am disabled from doing...
  6. shaky


    I have been invited to perform poetry at a little event in t anearby town. Someone who has seen me performing at an open mic It won't be paid, but it is lovely to be invited. And the more people who get to see me perform, the more likely I am to get an audience when I DO perform for a paying...
  7. B

    how to reduce frustrations and move ahead in life ?

    I feel that i am constantly being held down in life because people at home (parents) and at work (boss) frustrate me a lot. My mom doesn't even hears fully of what i am saying and starts talking while i haven't finished and she talks nonsense. I ask her not to do a thing the way she does and...
  8. T

    Telling your mind that rituals are meaningless?!?

    Hello everyone; i want to self-help as much as possible; and to see if there are any successful techniques which can stop people from performing rituals. How do you tell yourself that the ritual you want to perform; to stop something bad from happening; is meaniningless and is just an OCD...
  9. R

    Should I tell my boss?

    Hi I work in an office under constant pressure. I have to admit that sometimes I need to tell my boss that I am taking Venex 150mg and seroquel, and that I have been diagnosed with depression for years, and that I am not always able to perform in work and that I feel bad. I need I have to tell...
  10. A

    My Fathers Mental Health

    I'm not sure if this is the right place but I am trying to gather information/opinions regarding symptoms my father currently displays. Background During his mid-40's my father suffered what we believe as a "breakdown" that presented itself as depression, anti-social behavior, anxiety and...