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  1. L


    Wow they have really done one fucking over. I was banned of a social media site for feeling suicidal. They obviously don't know people with depression, EUPD fear abandoment and rejection, that people with EUPD will kill them selves because of this. This has deffinetly not got peoples welfare in...
  2. Deadheading

    What are inpatient services like?

    I have heard other people's experiences in a hospital mental health ward and how it's like a prison. What's it like here?
  3. Fairy Lucretia

    im ashamed of myself

    when im really struggling or have a lot going on i find it difficult to see other peoples pain i wish i was a better person :low:
  4. W

    Introducing Myself

    Hi everyone, just signed up today. I've been living with depression for some years now. Due to losing a child about a year ago I feel my mental health has deteriorated and I am concerned that things are getting worse. I am not sure why I am here but my mind is clouded and I am trying to...
  5. Q

    I'm going to stop going to the appointments.

    Because I'm tired of the pills, of the waste of my time and theirs. They're only fucking "helping" because that's how they make a living. I'm tired of talking about me, me, me. Me and my fucking problems. I don't know anything about him or her. And who the hell are they to tell me that they know...
  6. P

    Can you pinpoint when your condition started?

    Mine started after the twin towers incident in NY,God talked to me then also He was so loud that He damaged my hearing and knocked me down so I hit my head,also that's when I started hearing other peoples thoughts.
  7. Mr.NiceGuy

    " I'm sorry, I couldn't make that out, what were you just thinking?"

    " I'm sorry, I couldn't make that out, what were you just thinking?" Try thinking " I'm sorry, I couldn't make that out, what were you just thinking?" to real people and in mockery to your voices. Then realize that 0% of your time is spent listening to other people's thoughts, worrys, or...
  8. little rose

    stupid life

    stupid mental illness it ruined dinner time well not completely i had made dinnner for my mum and sister and sat down to have it felt upset and was biting peoples head off felt like crying, feeling exposed and vulnerable now in room cryin
  9. W

    Seeing people's faces as caricature-like

    Hi, I signed up because I have something I recently realized is a problem and I can't find anything on it anywhere. I don't want to go to a doctor but just want to know if someone here is familiar with it and knows what it is. For my whole life, the way I see faces has been weird. I see them...
  10. O

    hearing people's prayers

    I feel like a psychic. I hear people's prayers in my head as also random shouts & screams of distress & pain. I feel like I telepathically communicated with people who pray. other symptoms at the moment: 1) thought insertion/thought withdrawal by my voice Annette. she controls me. 2) invisible...
  11. B


    Hi, I never know what to write on these sorts of things so I'll just try be relevant to the forum. I'm Beth, I'm 22, and suffer with major depression and anxiety,( and likely BPD but my therapist told me being diagnosed wasn't important as the treatment is the same as what they're already...
  12. stanhalen

    Sexual Disfunction with Invega

    Just begun Invega over the past few weeks and feel like a unic. I think invega is basicly risperaldal and had the same problem with this in the past as well as chronic constipation. I mentioned my concern with the shrink and was just shrugged away as nothing to worry about, and not worthy of...
  13. S

    I don't have an art style. I feel depressed about this.

    I feel like I don't have a certain style. I like many artists like Tove Jansson and John Bauer. But you see, they have a certain style. And it catches peoples attention. This is some of my work: I don't know what to do.
  14. scrappy-doo

    people's opinions

    Hi folks I'm new on here, recently been diagnosed with (GAD) and given fluoxetine 20mg 1 a day, just wondering does this medication help at all & what are people's opinions on it as iv heard a lot of people have had bad side effects off it :panic::unsure:
  15. LoveRihanna

    Heyyy everybodyyyy!

    Hello guys, I have joined this forum few minutes ago .. I'm very happy because I want to see other people's experiences .. Hopefully I think this site would help me to gain more friends :clap::clap:
  16. cpuusage

    Barry Long

    This Guy seems quite good. Yes it's another spiritual teacher, But he's got a very clear & simple message. Maybe it can help some people. Am enjoying listening to him. Would be interested in other peoples thoughts on it all? Barry Long - Wikipedia Barry Long | Me - the Void of Absence - YouTube
  17. L

    Does excessive cannabis use cause psychosis?

    Here's the truth about whether cannabis causes psychosis – and what you can do to minimise your risk of harm | The Independent What are people's thoughts on this ??
  18. cpuusage

    Whose opinion is valid?

    i find it hard to take a lot of the opinion of most health professionals seriously. i can't take the armchair psychology / psychiatry & pseudo analysis of the untrained mentally ill & 'normal's' with hardly any seriousness at all. i am reaching a stage where i don't care what anyone else thinks...
  19. O


    So have changed from olanzapine to risperidone due to some sexual side effects and wondered what peoples' experiences with risperidone are and whether they prefer it to olanzapine?
  20. G

    Depersonalisation vs psychosis

    Derealization as it's also called is what I struggle with most with my BPD. I read somewhere once that it is a distortion of reality as opposed to psychosis which is a loss of reality. What are people's thoughts? Do u suffer the same as me? If so what are your symptoms?