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  1. F


    I am currently experiencing transference with my boss at work, and am wondering if other people can relate. I saw my boss as a mother figure and relied on her for most of my emotional support. She was like my mum and my best friend. Recently I have had a meeting with her and HR, due to my...
  2. E

    Anxiety attack worries

    Ive always strugglrd socially and been scared around new people, especially when experiencing new things. But I went for a run for the first time at my local gyms track and I saw other people running and got nervous, my hands starting sweating and i was shaking really bad as well as losing my...
  3. R

    My mental problems please advise me?

    Hi I’m not sure if I have mental health issues but I will explain. I have had to move in with my parents as I can’t afford a place on my own (I am 36) I am embarrassed I’ve got no friends I can move in with they are settled even people my age from school are. I am miserable because I want to...
  4. DiamondAnimals_x


    I've been a member since end of '16 but have not been on here that much and not quite sure what to put here, just looking to make some real friends and not too sure how to go about it on here, are there many people in or around Stevenage? Any replies much appreciated !
  5. L


    Hello everyone, i'm new here so this is my little introduction. I'm sociophobe and i'm afraid of people. And i have no friends in the real life. So i hope to find some new people to talk with. Doesn't matter about what. Want to get rid of my fears. I'm from Minnesota, S.Paul. Thanks
  6. fightoffyour

    Just out of hospital and not strong enough for this..

    Hey there. I realise this is probably not an ideal post and I should be battling this in my own, but I am recently out of hospital due to throat issues, am very (legally!) drugged up and don’t seem to have the strength to fight this. For some context - I'm male and a sufferer of chronic OCD...
  7. A

    Unusual feelings

    Hi guys, I've been diagnosed with GAD for 5 years now. Recently I've been experiencing a drastic change in my moods though. Usually because of my anxiety, I overly worry about what other people are thinking about me, whether they are talking about me, whether they secretly hate me etc etc but...
  8. C


    I just wanted to check in after using the forums on this site!! I used the site previously when I was desperate for help and since then I have been diagnosed with adult adhd!! Although it’s still a massive learning curve the fact I know what’s wrong with me is such a relief. I count my self as...
  9. S

    Cant figure out how to overcome my anxiety

    I'm never comfortable in my own skin. I have such low self confidence and ive been just a socially awkward person most of my life. I'm feeling at a low point in my life because I recognize I have these problems, and no matter how hard I try every day, my brain is just hardwired to make me look...
  10. Kaii24


    Hi I’m Kaii. 23 and I’m suffering depression, PTSD and symptoms of bipolar disorder. Ive been dealing with this since the age of 3. I’ve dealt with sexual , mental, physical and emotional abuse. I’ve seen traumatic things in my lifetime. I decided to come on here because I feel like there’s...