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  1. S

    New PTSD diagnosis

    Hi everybody, this is my very first time posting on a forum but I thought I'd see if it helps. I had an assessment last week with my local community mental health team and have been diagnosed with PTSD. This isn't a big surprise as GPs have mentioned this a few times in the past but I've always...
  2. S

    anxiety / depression screwing up family commitments?

    Hi everyone I just got back from a two week vacation with my husband camping on some land we purchased, which was awesome because - no people to deal with really! then we went to a music festival and my anxieties became increased, then gradually working back into society has been pretty weird...
  3. S

    What I do when I feel a ‘dark patch’ coming

    Hello all! I just wanted to post and say I think everyone who battles depression is so so strong - imagine what we could accomplish without this cloud that appears! I’m having a dark day - and they are coming more often so I know I am about to go downhill. very few people understand - I have...
  4. A

    New on here

    Hi guys, I've been suffering with anxiety for the last year and probably even depression over the last 6 months. All new to me and its a bit scary at times. Have done counselling but just find I'm broke after it which doesn't add to me anxiety! Anyways, came on here with the hopes of chatting...
  5. R

    I'm new here

    Hiya, I'm new to this, I've been battling with major depressive disorder, anxiety, SH and suicidal thoughts for a long, long time and am currently being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder 🙃 I'd love to just talk to people who understand and actually want to talk. Im a good listener too ☺
  6. SunnyDaze

    The Crazy Lady That Randomly Screams

    That's probably what my neighbors think of me,that I am just this crazy lady that they hear letting out a loud scream at random times throughout the week. I have moved into a new town,in an apartment surrounded by other apartments.The walls are not paper thin to where you can hear everything...
  7. N

    T m s therapy

    Hello I am new to this forum, I am currently in my 4 th month of being off work with anxiety and depression although I am now sure I have suffered depression all my life I had a spell in a psychiatric hospital in my 20s over 30 years ago! I feel as if something has gone wrong with me and have...
  8. N

    I have anxiety

    I have really bad anxiety and it is during every second of the day. I worry about anything and everything and a lot of it stems around what people think of me and if I did anything wrong, stupid, or socially incorrect. I am insecure about my looks, my weight, and I get little surges of panic...
  9. W

    I don't wanna be alive

    Hello! Since I was 6 years old, I think, I've experienced anxiety! Because, at the age of 6 I started to understand things, about who I was and how people expressed themselves about other people regarding ethnicity and apperance. I don't wanna tell you where I''m from, but I can say that one...
  10. M

    People don't believe I have delusions

    Hi everyone! So, I have delusions where I think people are following me, and watching me, and keeping tabs on me. I go to uni and the thing is I do want the uni to know I am sick but I am so afraid of judgement. I tell my university that I have a mental illness, but I don't specify...
  11. E

    Do you think hearing voices is always a symptom of insanity or not?

    I had a literal voice in my head every time I had a psychosis, but when not actually in a psychosis it just became more of a personality living in me. Anyway, I am writing about my experiences about escaping insanity in a web-page book "How to Escape Insanity" (easily googled). Do you think...
  12. R

    my intro

    Hello everyone, I decided to take to forums again so here I am. I don't do well with talking to people in real life, i feel like i burden my family if i complain too much, and other people around me tend to judge on some harsh and rather false rumors... so i'm gradually but surely isolating...
  13. E

    Escaped from insanity undiagnosed mental illness with psychosis

    I recently escaped from extreme insanity (undiagnosed mental illness with psychosis) and no one seems to care or believe me. My psychiatrist just recommended another antipsychotic. Some people have made it clear to me that people do not recover from this type of thing and that I must have...
  14. Poopy Doll

    interesting books

    So since my mother died on September 24th, I've been interested in exercise (my mother was in terrible shape) and books about death. The main book I'm re-reading is The Mystery of Death by Kirpal Singh. This book is out of print. It describes the journey and experience of the four different...
  15. K

    Lingering psychosis symptoms

    I have been taking lamotrigine to treat bipolar disorder for a while now and it has helped tremendously. Before this, I went through delusions where I suddenly developed fake memories of people I know in reality and believed I could communicate telepathically through those memories. Despite...
  16. S

    Changing Medication

    I am changing medications right now and I feel like my old depressed self but worse. I angrily react to the smallest things and shamefully realize it's nothing. Then proceed to hate myself for it. I push the people around me away to protect them from me and so I don't blow up with anger. I know...
  17. Confusedandlabeled

    Compatible or not?

    I've been wondering for a while . .should two people with similar mental health issues date? I've always been with people that have similar diagnosis to me but I can't hold down a relationship. My relationships are always abusive (both sides) where we literally fight for dominance or one of us...
  18. L


    It's been almost 2 years since I split from my ex. Last year, shortly after we split I went psychotic and spent most of last year in hospital, this year has been a good year, it's been about reconnecting with friends (that I stopped seeing when I was dating him) and realising the reality of the...
  19. G

    Constantly under attack

    Hi everyone and thanks for all your support in getting me through my hard times. I wasn't sure what to name and title this. Long story short, I'm literally constantly under attack. Whenever I'm happy, life's woes send extra weapons out to destroy my soul, ego and happiness. When I'm unhappy it...
  20. Kaii24

    What am I Doing?

    Man, often times I just wonder if I’m existent or existing... It seems like everywhere I go, I’m rejected or overlooked. And it’s not like I’m a bad person or my hobby is to bully people.. I’m actually pretty cool people. I’m nice to everyone. I love helping. But then that battle in the...