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  1. V


    Hey all. Just wanted to make an introduction thread. I'm an electronics technician who works in the aircraft industry. I have a longstanding and long lasting obsession with Star Wars, Star Trek, and other sci-fi and fantasy stuff. Yes, I play D&D (currently waiting on a campaign to get started...
  2. B

    Making friends when you feel like the town freak show?

    I went from mania to psychosis because of drugs. I called 911 like 25 times in a few months, lost all of my friends for good, and was wandering around homeless for a while. I thought people were psychopaths and I was part of a police investigation. So I started weird fights with friends. I’m...
  3. soulsearcher

    explaining BPD to other people...

    hey peeps is it just me but i find it difficult to explain BPD to other people so for exmple ill tell someone ive got BPD and then when they ask whats that exactly i just for some reason cant explain and im just like google it, anyone else like that?
  4. M

    Any who wants to chat ? (people over 25 old)

    Today is friday, i dont have anything to do, dont have anyone to talk. Any with the same ?
  5. M


    Not so keen on this whole idea people seem to have of getting out of bed. For 5 years now it has seemed to me people, well everyone, seem to want to get out of bed and perhaps say go to work or something. Quite why people think I will ever get out of bed and say go to work, well I’ve never put...
  6. T

    needed to share an experince i had.

    hi im new here, ive been viewing this forum for years but not felt confident to post as ive not been confident to post advice so sorry if that seems selfish but im a pretty isolated person and dont really interact with people online much. I am in my 40's now but first had psychosis when i was...
  7. I

    Hello everybody.

    I am a patient from Poland suffering from a menthal disease. I have been diagnosed with schisophrenia since 2003. Although I am a foreigner and English is not my mother tongue, I believe that mentalhealthforum.net community will accept me and that I will be able to make friends over here and to...
  8. M

    New to this

    Hi all! I have joined in hopes of meeting new people who suffer from terrible anxiety like myself. I have severe fear of speaking in front of people, or being the center of attention. My voice gets shaky, I start to sweat, and I just completely lose it, and I hate that this happens to me. I'm...
  9. A

    Anxiety sufferer...hi?

    Hi everyone, Hope this forum is nice and friendly, can't wait to talk to some people/ I have issues with social anxiety and people generally. can't make anything stick. I've posted in the social anxiety section. Hope everyone has a lovely day x
  10. M

    Powerful, painful mental health treatment

    I've had so much therapy from different therapists with different specialties. And tried 7 different meds... Still waiting for the 6-8 weeks on the newest one. My friend recommended a psychologist not covered by my plan. $200/hr. I tried it. 4 sessions in and more to go things are finally...
  11. N

    a bad month of anthropophobia

    I'm afraid of people. but at the same time I crave to have them in my life. It's exhausting. after having my phone stolen out of my vehicle at work a month ago my anthropophobia came back with a vengance and I was forced to call off any event involving others in my life for the month. All I...
  12. S

    Depression and Anxiety...what about confusion?

    Hey all, I want to see if anyone can relate to my situation. I'm 23 and a couple years ago I realised I hadn't been happy since I was in school (16). That's still true. Things have gradually improved since that realisation, but extreme hell---->partial hell is still not where I want to be. When...
  13. L

    Can't understand my "hypomania"

    Hello everyone, I recently got diagnosed with hypomania over the Summer and have been taking Lamotrigine 100 mg for two and a half months now. I like the way its been stabilizing my moods and the difference its made. However, I really can't seem to understand or differentiate what is a hypomania...
  14. N

    living with bpd as a psychologist

    i don't even know where to begin with... i don't know if its because i am very aware of my situation or a very mellow person but i feel like i have tried every little thing to climb up the stairs with all that weight on my shoulders. tried everything to fill that emptiness inside me but no...
  15. M

    Hi guys!

    Hey everyone! :) I'm new here, so I thought I'd introduce myself. I've been dealing with anxiety in different forms ever since I was a kid, and I struggle with depression off and on as well. Overall, things have been going fairly well, but I do have my ups and downs. I joined because I want...
  16. Zadkiel

    Less than a human?

    Have you ever felt that you're just not enough? That your sole existence is only validated by other people's approvation at anything? You hear from a lot of people "don't overdo yourself, just do the best you can" all the time. But then, those same people come to you and, with an entirely...

    The London choir for people affected by mental health

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/health-45991368/the-london-choir-for-people-affected-by-mental-health This is run at my local day centre and I know some of the people in the choir. It must be good therapy.
  18. K

    New Member

    Hi, Just feel like i am stuck . I'm unsure if i am ill . I have moments when i have thoughts and visions of me injuring myself. I tense up my whole body for a few seconds to get rid of those thoughts . Some days i am full of energy and i want to do things at hyper speed or...
  19. H

    Schizophrenia advice needed.

    Ok.I've been hearing "voices" for about 3 years now...It started slow but it kept growing in power.Untill I actively started communicating with them.They are good and generally steer me in a good direction but it gets too much and then I freak out and go partying.In my head there are 3 "groups"...
  20. F

    Anxiety Keeping Me From Being Myself Around People

    Hello, I am 20 years old and whenever I'm around strangers, or even my friends and family sometimes, for the most part I just feel like I'm this formal robot who just says the bare minimum in a conversation. I have been depersonalized for a decent amount of time now, (which i'm working on...