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  1. S

    Hi, not sure where to start

    Hey, honestly I am not diagnosed with anything and I might just worry too much, but I would like to hear some perspective on what you people think. I have so many things that are kind of bugging me about myself, but I don't know how to form a coherent picture about them. I am an a weird place...
  2. F

    Young people who self-harm are 3x more likely to commit violence

    Posted by Duke university January 4 2019 Adolescents who self-harm more likely to commit violent crime | EurekAlert! Science News I would like to say that this seems very controversial to me.
  3. K

    BPD and making friends

    Hey I'm Kyler. I have BPD was diagnosed when I was 18. I take 5 tabelts a day to function, I depend on these tablets, if I miss them I am so I'll and cannot wake up for ages, cold sweats in bed it's horrible. My mental health has been really bad for about a year now. when I got signed off from...
  4. R

    both everything and nothing is wrong

    hi. i feel like my life is falling apart. or better phrasing would be: i feel like my life has always been "apart". no "falling". just consistently in shambles on the ground. i don't even know what to say, or what to ask, so i just want to give you an idea of my mental health timeline: when i...
  5. tragicpink

    cheating fantasy

    i dont think i want advice, i think i just need to be heard and related to. first of all, i love my boyfriend with my entire heart and would never do anything to jeopardise our relationship. period. but i really really love attention. especially when it's from people who want me sexually and/or...
  6. S


    Hey, every now and then I get really anxious feelings to the point I can't talk at a normal level and feel like everyone is judging me when they look at me. I lose all confidence in myself. It can happen out of the blue or there can be a slow build up. It can last for a short amount of time or...
  7. S

    Hello people. Looking for people with similar experiences.

    My name is steven and im 23. I just had a thought that i should go to the internet for a problem that i am having. The reason i joined this website is because I realised that I am depressed and extremely anxious around people. I realised that as an escape i love to scream and cuss at imaginary...
  8. katya

    Abusers masquerading as victims in a survivor group

    TW: mentions of abuse, etc. Such a long story. (This person isn't a part of this forum; I just need to rant, because this has been building up for a while, and I don't know what to do next.) I'm part of a couple of survivor and mental health groups on Twitter, and there are two people - a...
  9. C

    How can i go back to school!?

    hi all, i am new here, mostly because i iwanted some perspecitve on this "dilemma" (though in my mind - i dont have a choice) i dont know how iim going to go to university next year. i hate leaving the house - right now im doing contract work and its full time, the omnly reason i really leave...
  10. L

    Unwilling to live & too coward to die

    I began feeling depressed at the age of 15. However, I would not have identified what I felt back then as depression and in no way it is comparable to how I feel now at the age of 19. Presently, my life is reduced to video games, large amounts of marijuana and pills. Through these 3 I manage to...
  11. F

    Not sure anymore

    ... Don’t know where to start .. I have had depression for years, have been in recovery for 12 years (alcoholism). I’m so lost , I feel like I have really dipped over December, I’m no longer on meds, had been on them most of my life, came off them 8 months ago. I don’t think I have ever been...
  12. W

    Is this how depression feels?

    I have struggled with this almost my whole life. I feel like I cannot go anywhere or do anything or interact with anyone with out everyone doing a million stupid things and ruining my day. Take today for example: It started with me calling my health insurance company. All their systems are down...
  13. D

    Hi everyone

    Hello I'm new to this forum, I've been suffering from depression for a long time (25 years), for the most part I have coped with it but this last few months have been the worst I've felt. Thought I was dealing with it ok but it seems to have hit me hard again and it has been a struggle...
  14. supergreysmoke

    Volunteering For Life Is Slave Labor or Close To Slave Labor

    Got to admit I don't agree with hand-outs or hand-ups but really what annoys me is some people think doing a fair days work for less than the monies to cover rent/food and the basics is OK as a lifetime career for people. I don't think it is time yet but the basic idea that reducing food...
  15. R


    Morning , I have joined this forum as I have a mental health co morbid diagnosis and would like to talk wiv like minded people as I feel lonely 😞. So Hi to you all . I am new to this type of format in having conversations so will take me a bit of time to get used to . 👍
  16. O

    'fat & slutty'

    I have always felt different and socially awkward. I often say the wrong thing and seem to rub people up the wrong way in my social life. My work with the Homeless is something that I excel in. Helping someone else helps me forget my own problems, even if it is only for a short while. Right...
  17. qwerty1234

    being really sensitive

    I have never written about something like this before... I am learning about hsp and also openness as a personality characteristic, and it's been hard being me becuase I am really sensitive to emotional disconnection but also really hopeful and optimistic and open to stuff, so I get into...
  18. M

    Get medical help...

    ...seems to be the stock response from most people the moment you utter the words depression or anxiety. Medication aside... if you cannot trust people, and have pushed away those closest to you including family and friends as a result of severe depression, how can you place your undivided...
  19. G

    Yawning a lot during long intense conversations

    Yesterday I had a long interesting conversation with my older sister's boyfriend after dinner. I was anxious and moving around during the conversation because I'm not used to talking to people especially in person. I think he likes me and thinks I'm cool but I noticed after awhile I get urges to...
  20. E

    New to all this... Looking for like minds

    Hello, my name is Evan. I will give the short version of my story. As a child I had anxiety/panic attacks. Probably since I was about 6. As far back as I can remember. At the time I didn't know it was anxiety. It wasn't until I got older and learned what anxiety was that I realized...