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  1. K


    So, I'm not very good at debating with others, I feel, because I take everything so personally and feel attacked. But, that doesn't stop me from speaking my mind. But during the debate, especially if I sense any hostility from the other(s), I feel like I'm stupid and wrong. So I try to step back...
  2. S

    Do good people have bad thoughts about others?

    I'm very liberal, I try and treat people as I'd expect to be treated myself but I still occasionally get bad or prejudicial thoughts about people based on appearance etc. They occasionally just flash up in my mind and I have to tell myself that's a horrible thing to think. I wonder sometimes if...
  3. S


    Today I learned a new word for one of my favorite self harm methods. Rumination. Circled thoughts or conversations that loop and loop to be endlessly analyzed. I could have done this. I shouldn't have said that. I think my brain is a little broken in that it can't let those negative moments go...
  4. M

    The aloneness

    I pass day by day alone, ive not have a 1 on 1 talk since months, more than a year, ive not go out to met with someone more than a year, i get used to this, and im fine with it, and im just interested in meet other people who is in the same life as this. Ive not met anyone in this forums or...
  5. R

    Watch out, paranormal

    Watch out for the moon and Mars in time for people colonising as space ghosts that own the earth are going to wrap spirit mist around them in time for people colonising as to kill and entrap human spirits as is done on earth. When this happens Mars and the moon will start to get an atmosphere...
  6. A

    Anyone ever think they can hear peoples thoughts?

    Hey, I have schizophrenia. At a time before I was diagnosed, I used to lay down, and I'd be really h*rny, so I would try to talk to people around my development, through my mind. .. And its one of those things like the more imaginative you are and want it to work the more it works. I thought...
  7. Solitude1

    Thinking Problems

    Hello everyone. Nowadays I've come to find out something really strange. I wanna know if it's a problem of mine, a problem of people with mental difficulties or even healthy people experience it. It may seem extremely ridiculous but please answer because it's very important for me. When studying...
  8. sunset547544


    Unfortunately I have been to quite a few of these. They have always been for a techincal role. I know it's kind of Dragons Den situation asking people to make quite a big financial gamble on me, but still I feel like I am always elimated based on some kind of personal bias on behalf of the...
  9. C


    I am in a really bad place, my BPD has taken control over me (at least that’s how it feels lately). I feel very alone in this and joined because I need to talk to people who relate to my struggles and can possibly offer advice. Thank you
  10. L

    New here

    I joined to communicate, and get over this struggle with people who understand! Hello All.
  11. M

    Hi all

    Hi. I'm 33, I have bipolar disorder (apparently with borderline traits although only just learned this from my medical notes) social anxiety and GAD and some physical conditions too. My husband is disabled (mostly physically but he also suffers from depression and social anxiety and ptsd due to...
  12. F

    possible misdiagnosis of schizoaffective disorder

    i was recently diagnosed with the most recent psychiatrist i saw with schizoaffective disorder, however, i do not agree on the diagnosis, not just from her observation but altogether as a whole. as i am new to the forum, i was gonna post in the "introduce yourself" section first of why i am...
  13. P

    Telling People About Your Disorder

    I am bipolar, and also have generalized anxiety disorder and ADHD. I take 6 pills a day for these illnesses, and I am not always comfortable with telling people about this information. Yet people in my family keep telling their friends all the information about my hospitalizations, the...
  14. C

    Hello. My name is Chris.

    Hello, My name is Chris and I am 31 years of age. I suffer from depression and I don't have any motivation at all. I just can not be bothered mixing with people and getting know anyone. I can not even be bothered with family and friends. I make excuses to why I can not see people. I want to mix...
  15. F

    What does anxiety feel like?

    I have struggled with anxiety for a lot of years and it's awful. And i think the worst part of it is to try to explain to people what i feels like..I would describe it as drowning inside and out, it so much more awful then people think. How would you describe it?
  16. S

    Hi everyone :)

    Not sure what to begin with, but my experiences with depression have hindered my life for so long. im only 18 but have had it for around 4 years. i dont really have any friends to talk to about it and my family aren't the types that would take it seriously. people have said im selfish as i have...
  17. Fairy Lucretia

    is it possible

    that demons working through people are trying t kill me and maddie
  18. qwerty1234

    Standing up to bullies

    I have extremely negative experiences with negative support and invalidation when I work with aggressive, nasty people ... people act like I shouldn't be scared, or not to be upset. I hate it. I have gotten more support lately, and have learned how to stand on my own, but I come here to vent...
  19. S

    Training/courses to help with social skills?

    It seems a lot of advice aimed at those with social issues is aimed at those who have issues in terms of approaching new people, making conversation etc. That's not my problem though. I don't have any issue with approaching people and talking to them. The problem is that nothing ever seems to...
  20. omouri

    eternal snow eternal snow

    hey hello thats me omouri just another depressed and struggling with daily isues boy registrated here whats up i titled the thread like that because thats the song im listening at this moment so i think it will always represent this moment. i love you all and i consideer you as my brothers and...