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  1. Irish

    Noob Here

    Hi, I just registered because I thought I might find better answers than what I've been getting from my own mind. I'm a vet with ptsd, depression and now bipolar disorder. After 4 years hiding in my basement I finally started receiving treatment from the VA as well as a local peer support group...
  2. O

    I am me, Owenie

    I got into psychosy-world in my twenties, screamed and raved on mountains. Everybody was very worried on my behalf. Got hospitalised, flipped on my back and treatment-bombed. Got out with ten baddie years and the last ten have been great. Thanks vitamin therapy, thanks holistic approaches, some...
  3. F

    Two Pots? Experiences of peer workers within mental health services

    Among the many Aesop’s fables, is the story of the Two Pots. The fable goes something like this: Two pots had been left on the bank of a river, one of brass, and one of earthenware. When the tide rose they both floated off down the stream. Now the earthenware pot tried its best to keep aloof...
  4. P

    hello from Aberdeen

    Hi all, I work for a third sector charity, and i am also in Remission From Borderline Personality disorder or Emotionally unstable personality type as the NHS has begun referring to it. i have alot of experience at speaking out for rights and advocacy for those effected by PD. I also run a...
  5. shaky

    Peer support being funded in some pilot schemes

    Side by Side grant-funded projects | Mind, the mental health charity - help for mental health problems One of the areas seems to cover me But I wonder how it will or could help me since I'm not in touch with the lead organisation.
  6. F

    No continuity

    Had review with rehab team. There's talk of when i might be discharged from their service. When that goes bang goes the Thursday group i attend that they run. There was talk of Richmond fellowship that they do groups to help with social isolation but again it's short term-up to 2 years. As...
  7. cpuusage

    “Persuasive” Evidence for Peer Support

    November 2, 2013 The Journal of Psychosocial Nursing reviews the evidence for peer support, finding “outcomes across a range of measures no different than when services had been provided by professionals . . . But there is more . . Peer support interventions for depression were superior to...
  8. S

    A comparison of two peer support organisations

    I am showing below a comparison of two peer support organisations to highlight the similarities and differences. One is the Western Mass RLC in the United States and the other is Changes Health and Well Being 12 steps to Mental Health which is based in Staffordshire, UK. All the bullet point...
  9. R


    Hello, I'm Ron. I'm an employee of Baltic Street AEH, the largest peer-run peer advocacy organization in fair New York City. A co-worker of mine introduced me to the Hearing Voices material and I'm looking forward to learning more about it and especially using the is approach to help my clients...
  10. matt1678

    What i found most useful on my own journey of recovery

    With having the benefit of being able to admit that i was always a one in the four of this world the one thing that had the most impact on my road and journey was becoming active in a peer support volunteer program that was being set up as a pilot scheme buy the local NHS trust.I started of...
  11. D

    Bullying at work

    Met my supervisor today, spent half an hour talking to her and handed my notice in along with my sick note. I felt uneasy after that, but didn't know why - spent the evening feeling guilty for complaining - then just now I realise why I feel uneasy (why do I not always notice subtle hints of...
  12. D

    I'll explain myself.....

    I'm finding your support on here really helpful, it's made me put things into perspective, I feel less alone and I have compassion myself thanks to you guys and girls. I keep offering advice, I think it's because I'm didn't have the chance to have any service users during my role as peer...
  13. A

    Peer Respite Centers

    Mental Health Matters – Peer Respite Centers
  14. Lauriebethmathews

    "Greetings and salutations"

    Hello everyone, I am someone who has been challenged by mh issues since the age of 7 primarily due to excessive trauma. I became a peer support specialist about 3 years ago and have a "specialty", for lack of a better word, in trauma recovery. I have worked on a crisis stabilization unit and at...
  15. mischief

    Peer Support Fife

    I've just come across the organisation Peer Support Fife. They have a website at: [Link removed as no longer working.] Has any one had any contact? What are they like?
  16. J

    Peer pressure

    I think that the Mental Health Forum consists mostly of peer pressure groups. So much so that it keeps me awake at nights (or is it really happening?) When I post a thread about my beliefs people are often so diametrically opposed to them that they seem to be my opponents. Jesus had opponents...
  17. noplace

    Mental Health Peer Advocacy

    Hello, has any one had any experience of mental health peer advocacy they are willing to share either as a peer advocate or as someone who has support from a peer advocate?
  18. Shona

    Hello :)

    Hello all, I'm not sure what to say ... :blush: A little introduction, i guess. My experience of mental health and the problems that can occur is life long: my father has schizophrenia, my husband has borderline personality disorder and i've had my own 'issues' as a teenager. I've done a lot...
  19. D

    Online nursing journal - Substance Use

    I would very much value your opinion on the below. Is it a good idea or crazy notion? Your individual comments would be appreciated. I was recently approached by a professional assessing the interest of the journal (Mental Health and Substance Use) in a special 'conference edition' of peer...