1. L

    Hello, i just came on board!

    Hi there im 51 and joined this site coz i really liked what they doing here and would like to get know some of the peeps here :)
  2. Blindside

    Hey Hey

    Hi peeps just thought i would stop by and say hey since im new to the forum
  3. being me

    plymouth peeps

    hi anyone else on here from plymouth? :tongue:
  4. J

    greetings & salutations everyone

    :tongue:Hello peeps i've been meaning to join up for ages now,and finally jumped in as my world is getting a bit too much. I hate being diagnosed this and that,it's wrong 'puppet on a string'. sorry to start ranting, . hello peeps.
  5. RunawayDreamer


    I am sick of being awake and feeling so restless. On antibiotics, just had a beer and found a codrydamol floating about in the medicine cabinet so had that too- should help me sleep i hope. Just want to switch it all of for a bit! Take care peeps - no doubt I'll be back if this doesn't work...
  6. S

    Hello everyone

    Hello all, Right, my name is Simon and i'm from the UK. I suffer from Di-polar depression, and am 23 yrs old. I've been a cutter since the age of 11. I still do it now, but not as much. I'm hoping that i can add something to the forum. Take care peeps, Si,
  7. suzamatt


    Hi, have just joined. Hoping maybe to share a few thoughts and chat with similar minded peeps. :blush: