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  1. soulsearcher

    feeling down

    hey peeps im feeling really down and suicidal, remember me in your prayers
  2. soulsearcher

    do you have to let esa or pip know if youre in hospital?

    hey peeps i was wondering do you have to let esa or pip know if youre in hospital?
  3. soulsearcher

    started self harming again

    hey peeps well ive started self harming again and i feel so low and suicidal :(
  4. soulsearcher

    anyone tried reiki or any other energy healing for mental health?

    hey peeps so i was wondering has anyone tried reiki or any other energy healing for mental health illnesses?
  5. soulsearcher

    sometimes i feel like im not wanted on here...

    hey peeps it makes me anxious that i keep getting paranoid like as if im not wanted on here by some peeps, i hope im wrong though :low:
  6. soulsearcher

    are you on the depot injection?

    hey peeps was wondering if youre on the depot injection?
  7. soulsearcher

    what medication are you taking? & what for?

    hey peeps just wondering what medication are you taking? & what for?
  8. F

    Hello peeps!

    I came here with a goal. I want people to feel sorry for me :cry2:. I have looked deep inside my soul, and I see that I really need it :nod2: I am listening to a baby lulaby right now:sleepy2: and it feels so magical. Every word I write here, brings me closer to that magical...
  9. soulsearcher

    it takes courage to speak up..

    hey peeps so like many of you i myself have had to speak up about my mental health issue and it really does take courage to speak up, some peeps just seem to think its just a given and its normal to speak up but it does take courage because these feeling we're feeling are deep and very personal...
  10. soulsearcher

    hey peeps...

    hey peeps so like many of you out there im going through my own trials and tribulations but i thought it would be good to chat to peeps who could relate to some of my issues... anyways just thought id say hi and keep it short and simple...
  11. C

    Hello, need some help+advice please, with someone......

    Hi, This may take some time as the story has got a bit involved. Are there peeps out there that might be able to help me? TIA
  12. D

    Thought this was interesting

    http://intar.org/files/INTAR2007-GabriolaIsland-Participant-list.pdf Take a look. Shows some peeps doing great work with people. love D x
  13. calypso

    Can you help with this please?

    I am hoping to get a few people to help with this. Please see this thread in Mental health news. We need as much help as we can get. Thanks peeps. xxx http://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/thread97937.html
  14. alamo7

    Change username?

    Hi peeps, is it possible to change my username to something else? thanks
  15. M

    Mood Stabilizers: what are you taking?

    Hey peeps, Am 32 weeks pregnant at the moment and so most of my meds have been stopped (at the beginning of pregnancy). Am currently on a psych ward because I just can't cope. Was taking Lithium before the pregnancy, but it never got to a therapeutic level. Was just wondering what mood...
  16. M

    Where the phuck is everyone?

    The forum is dead today. Im lonely and sleepy. You UK peeps are super quiet. *sitting in America hoping the UK didn't explode*
  17. jems89

    End of the line

    Please help me peeps, i've reached the end of the line :cry:
  18. T

    Anyone up?

    Good morning peeps Have been up for an hour. Bit fed up. Anyone want a chat??
  19. T

    zyprexa help

    hi a question if any medical peeps there ,,, is this drug just used for sz ie olanzapine
  20. S

    Heya Peeps, A Long Time!

    Hello! Erm.. firstly, Massive Apologies for my Wretched behaviour on here, (if anyone remembers)! I Have stopped drinking, it ain't easy, in fact, I'd say it's The Hardest Drug I have ever come off, because it's so easily available and screams at you, I am on Antabuse, so I can't drink, like...