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  1. L

    Sectioning and builders of mental health units

    Do you think those that build mental health units want to stay in them? Also those people who accuse others of needing help a) they must have seen a psychiatrist to assume what one does and b) they are the people calling for help so they still need psychiatrists. And for non-pdoc staff in...
  2. R

    getting the right diagnosis

    i have been diagnosed with so many diagnoses its ridiculous, i have always got my care through the public health system as i cannot afford a private pdoc and phs pdocs are not the best. I take fluoxetine and seroqouel and had my olanzapine stopped. They have been throwing around schizophrenia...
  3. M


    I know the Samaritans are around but wish there was someone else I could talk to. I know i'm never going to get better and feel its a waiting game till the end. im no use to anyone and want to say sorry to so many people especially to my parents who are dead. if i keep myself to myself then can...
  4. C

    The Truth Is Out!!

    Got a letter today from the CMHT. Turns out they think I have a personality disorder as well as bipolar - I have been referred to a special unit for personality disorders for counselling. Thing that was weird though - he didn't explain that to me at the time!! Why not? God these pdocs are...
  5. R

    how many pdocs you been through?

    2 for me currently under a cmht what about you?
  6. mckeo5514

    have to report to docs evry morning

    hi, so i had quit my meds beginning of jan, then over the last few weeks i was getting higher and higher and not sleeping properly, but i thought it was ok and i could handle it. then as of yesterday or sunday i cannot remember im still highly energetic, but having really negative thoughts, and...
  7. jacq78

    vicious circle

    Dear members it wasn't long ago I was on here discussing how depressed and suicidal I felt approx 3 weeks ago,well yet again its returned with 2 manic episodes in between that time. Its like a bloody vicious circle with me,severe depression followed by a manic episode then a couple of ok days...
  8. The_Cigarette_Monster

    Is there a link between BiPolar and Epilepsy?

    Sorry if this has been done before, I was just wondering... I had another few fits the other night, some bad ones that I probably should've gone to hospital with... but I hate hospitals so I'm glad no one called an ambulance! Anyway, I decided to take some of my boyfriends old carbamazepine (I...
  9. M

    do pdocs use our body language?

    Bit strange but wondering if they try to read our body language?