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  1. B

    Recent realizations

    I have come to realize as of late that I am in a truly helpless situation (I know that sounds melodramatic, but there really is no helping me, aside from somebody handing me thousands of $ and I have never received a hand out and never will). And the 5 years of suffering at my last job...
  2. Artmuzz

    The council are useless

    I got a letter from the council this week telling me that I now have to pay five pounds a week on my rent even though I get full housing benefit. I phoned them up and was told that I got overpaid housing benefit away back in 2014 and I have to pay that overpayment back. What a I don’t...
  3. B

    Advice quitting work

    I've been signed off work for the past three weeks with my anxiety and am dreading the idea of going back there. I've been actively looking for another job with less hours and finally found one. But I am so anxious about handing my notice in! I'm currently on a course there that will cost me...
  4. fazza

    OK OK who has hid my headphones

    its 12.30 am everyone is asleep. i want to listen to music in my drunken state but someone has hidden my headphones. People have died for less. If i dont find my headphones in the next 5 mins there will be hell to pay.. FUME
  5. Hikikomori1979

    Assessment Centers BS

    Im not sure if anyone's been to one of these things But organisations hold them because they want to get a pool of people in But someone pointed out: They run them for the sake of running them, so it looks like a "legitimate" recruitment process. When they already had someone lined up, they...
  6. T

    Council housing advice?

    The past few weeks have really been taking its toll on me, and my depression is just way down, I have lost all motivation for anything, basically my nan has been battling cancer for the past 4 years and by the sounds of it she will have to go into care, my grandad is beside himself and I am...
  7. A

    Advice for fundraising

    Hey, my son is signing up to go on a 4 week trip with Camps International to Borneo in 2020. He needs to raise over £4000, so is going to be busy fundraising. I would love any advice/ideas about what he could do. Money has to be paid at regular times. We aren't in a position to pay it for...
  8. N

    I need advice please help.

    I've been in contact w/ someone who has BPD & I belive needs some kind of proffesional help but they do not want to have it happen in person (for reasons I will not mention) & they cannot pay for it. I would like to help them but I don't know where to direct them. Please could I get some...
  9. N

    Insurance covering mental health issues

    Hi. I'm looking to find some kind of health/life insurance policy. I was wondering if anyone on here has found an insurer that was very good about mental health issues? I don't want the policy to cover a fortune, myself and my gf rent - no mortgage, and my requirements after I'm gone - should...
  10. Deadheading

    Video: Borderline Personality: Loved Ones - You Can't Rescue Them

    YouTube I thought this was a good video, although I strongly disagree with the point of people who leave BPD patients should leave and be OK with it. Listening to her talk helped me realize what my abandonment issue is, and who it was. She's going to pay for it by spending the rest of her...
  11. Anime-Alchemy

    This morning

    Ok, so I left the house to go to tesco's. As i was walking along the road i live, this lady asked for help? and also asked for a drink? anyways there is a news-agents/shop more or less in front of us. I go in with the lady and i ask her to pick a drink out, and she does (she wanted a drink that...
  12. M

    Hey everyone!

    I am new here, future psychiatrist and extraordinaire survivor of sexual abuse and mental abuse. First of all, I am doing my therapy and it is ok, except the anger I feel whenever I think about my abusers which is pretty normal. I am looking for some insight because I think that it will help me...
  13. R

    phoning saneline

    phoned saneline about my journey on the train thur, after 4 attempts over 3 days got through, the first part of the interview is about finding a diagnosis, i once got told this is a telephone help line for the mentally ill, anyway half the interview involves identifying if your a suitable case...
  14. D

    Marage breakup due to financial infidelity I can't see a way forward

    . I have been house husband for a number of years after redundancy, my wife was working but due to illness and disability wanted to stop however she didn't do it correctly and the council refused to pay housing benefit (they say she made herself unemployed) she kept it secret from me I only...
  15. L


    In 2004 my husband was made redundant from his job. This lead to my husband having a nervous breakdown. I did not know or realise how ill my husband was until the house was going to be repossessed. It was then that I found out that my husband had been made redundant and that he had been...
  16. K

    Severe anxiety and now jobless

    Hi all, apologies for the length of this. My anxiety has got so much worse over the last few months and I feel like I'm at breaking point right now. I've worked for the same company for nearly 7 years, I started as a shop assistant and then moved over to the head office where I had a...
  17. P

    Aspergers and PIP

    Hi my mental health worker filled my form in for pip and said I won't get it for being diagnosed as a Paranoid Schizophrenic but will for Aspergers Syndrome. They've sent me a letter asking for more proof of the help I'm receiving for my dissabitly. I'm not receiving any I assumed that's what...
  18. Foxie

    Ready to just give up and fade away

    Didn't get the job I went for... such an easy job and I live 10 mins away and have experience. It absolutely kills me that nobody will hire me, for anything. not a coffee shop job, a store, even fast food. I'm dying here. I have no money, my bf is in debt and refuses to borrow money from my...
  19. S

    Why do I say no when I mean and want to say yes ??

    Can anybody help me my boyfriend has ditched me for the night with his mates I'm still going round his though as he said I can wait at his for him he said he will buy me tea as he will be eating out but I've said no as it's not fair on him paying for me I then went onto say I will just have...
  20. S

    My last straw

    I've never posted to a forum like this, but since I live in the states and can't afford counseling and don't want to put all of this on my lovely wife I'm here. I'm an artist and 46 yo and have struggled mightily with depression and anxiety since I was around 10 from what I can remember. I've...