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  1. S

    past few weeks

    the past few weeks has been horrible, felt the need so so much too SH but held it together long enough until the other day, only the slightest SH but still SH.. :'( I feel so low but using all of my effort to hide it from my partner and friends I needed to vent a little :panic:
  2. M

    Scared to go outside!

    Hi all, It's something that's bothered me for a long time, but it feels like it's getting worse. I am 21, female. Graduated from school 4 years ago. This is relevant considering I thought I'd be over this by now. I'm immensely fearful of seeing anybody I've once associated with in my life...
  3. E

    moving on from rape with anxiety

    I would like to apologise in advance, as some of what I may say will repeat from my introductory post. I have a history of sexual, emotional, and physical abuse; anorexia, and bulimia. I currently am diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety, Panic Disorder, OCD , social Anxiety , EDNOS; and...
  4. fate_w_g

    Anyone else not get any sleep because of their voices

    My voices have come back with a vengeance and I haven't been able to get any sleep for the past two nights. Anyone else had problems with their voices stopping them from sleeping?
  5. C

    social anxiety and work

    Over the past year, I've become more and more anxious at work. It's easily the best job I've had and I enjoy what I do. The problem is being around other people for so long every day. I work in a team environment with the same group every day and as long as we're focusing on tasks, I'm fine. But...
  6. RainbowHeartz


    God has helped me to forgive others my abusers from the past etc :inlove:
  7. life2live

    Keep having dreams about suicide

    The title says it all, been through hell this past five years and maybe thats why I dreaming about killing myself. Anyone else get this?
  8. M


    I've been feeling nice and hyper over the past few days and now, over the past hour it's been like, crash, bang, wallop :( I know this feeling and it's the worse feeling in the world.
  9. B

    please help

    I am a past forum member who was a horrible person, I am suicidle now
  10. Pierrot

    Thought this was in the past

    I guess I was wrong. :low:
  11. D


    Hi to everyone this is my first post on here ive been on different drugs over the years I am 27, I am having the crisis team visit me every two day for the past month they and my doctor are going to put me on clozapine has anyone else been on it and how did it help you