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  1. S


    I believe a sh wound has become infected, it's in my leg and has become very painful after not being so and the redness around it has become bigger and bigger, I struggle not to limp with pain around the family, as at this point my sh has been secretly done. I don't know what to do as if I go to...
  2. 5


    New and just wanted to say hello. I have past experience of mh issues but currently stable.
  3. Poopy Doll

    My mother is a vegetable

    My mother had two consecutive strokes this past weekend and she is in a vegetative state, unresponsive. My son, who was taking care of her this past year, is devastated. My boyfriend and I are quite depressed. She may not pass for weeks or months. She will be in a nursing home. But we are...
  4. Mr.NiceGuy

    Turning fan off reduces paranoia and voices

    My hearing voices say they are officers of the law and you're going to jail and this bullshit were really active for the past couple weeks. But for the past three days I've almost totally eliminated them by one simple trick, turning off the two fans I keep running in my room constantly! I...
  5. B

    Cannot move on from regret

    Just to recap. I have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, chronic depression and anxiety disorder. Encompassed with drug and alcohol addiction. It makes for quite an interesting story. I am trying so hard to move on from my past at the present. Does anyone else really...
  6. M

    Help me help my family member

    I don't want to go into a huge amount of detail, I will if it helps, but I think my bf might have some type of delusional disorder. I'm not really for sure. He had a problem with substance abuse and is now clean and sober over a year now. Ever since he's been paranoid, it has caused him to lose...
  7. P


    I have borderline personality disorder,also a long history of various abuse growing up as a child. As a result of this I'm rubbish with boundaries. My mother has dementia and lives alone. I had tried to put a care package in place but when it comes to letting people into house or even keeping...
  8. T


    Just been remembering what a counselor asked me last year. She said "when was the last time that you were actually really happy about something.". To this day, I cannot think of anything. It's quite strange. Past experiences were OK, but I wouldn't say I was really happy. It's a tough one.
  9. B

    Is there something wrong or is it lack of self control?

    I just want to state straight away that I know my issues compared to others are minimal but with no end in sight to this behaviour I need some advice on how to control it/what it is. I'm a relatively happy 28 year old, I'm content with my job, in a stable relationship and have a good...
  10. R

    Feel like im going insane

    Hi I am new here and I would like to share my experience to see if anyone else is going through the same thing. I think I have derealisation. I feel like I am in a dream or a movie that is never ending. I look out the window and I feel like I am looking at a movie scene or still dreaming and I...
  11. S

    Looking for advice

    I'm 29 and currently live with my 89 year old grandma. I have been helping her and her partner on and off for the past seven years and especially the last 3 years since her partner died. after he died I had to help her relocate and look after as she has suffered some non serious fall and...
  12. I

    I am managed to get out of it

    Hi all, I thought to join this forum quick to share my success at escaping anxiety and depression that I had for the past 9 months. I had horrid GAD almost a year ago now. It was horrendous. I would wake up in the night, 2am to 3am, every night with this horrid anxiety. The butterflies in my...
  13. S

    I've stopped taking my meds

    I just don't have the motivation to take them or go and refill the subscription. I also feel like they weren't really helping, I felt just as crappy for the 1.5 months on them than I have felt with out them for the past 2 weeks. So why should I waste time and money going to refill my prescription?
  14. C

    Sometimes I feel like shit

    Hi everyone, I am diagnosed with a depression for a couple of months now and I was on a right track. I use prozac right now and met a lot of new people during my vacation in Spain and Portugal. I went on my own for 4.5 weeks. I also met people who used the same medication as me and they...
  15. A

    Liquid form medication - confused...

    So, after four tablet medications (with two tweaks), two blocks of counselling, online CBT and face to face CBT drawing a blank, I got a referral to the specialists. The problem I have now is that they think I need to be on medication, but due to how I've reacted on the four meds I've been on...
  16. R

    anxiety issues

    I think I’ve always had anxiety issues but I’ve never addressed them. I first truly acknowledged it when I went for a smear test. I managed to get so worked up over it that they couldn’t do the test. Still haven’t had one. Sex is impossible to. I get so worried about how much it will hurt. Then...
  17. R

    Rage...Rage...at anyone trying to turn out the light that is your beautiful life....

    Rage...Rage...at anyone trying to turn out the light that is your beautiful life.... I turned 49 in June and it was the most unlikely thing to every happen to a woman like me. I found out at age 48…in most horrible way that I was not only unlucky to be alive but the least likely to live period...
  18. Guy12182

    "Using positive recovery to help others"

    Hello everyone, In the past I was a total wreck with severe anxiety and social issues. There was a point in my past recovery where I could not offer anyone any good advice or support. But after taking time first to help myself, I found myself really productive and articulate with helping...
  19. M

    Back in contact with past flame

    So, I'm back in contact with a past flame as I like to say I liked him - we did end up going no further but it was based on our situations back then. But despite that I still liked him and I believe he liked me. We're back in contact and I never really didn't stop thinking of him. But I'm just...
  20. M

    Just joined, Need help to understand and help my 32 year old son

    My son has been re-writing his life for the past 8 months, he now has everyone in his life, family, and friends as part of the conspiracy to not tell him the truth. He always uses phrases which start with I have been connecting the dots....I have more dots, and he has made himself a bad person...