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  1. R

    nightmares, flashbaks, and panic attacks from shows.

    Hey everyone, So... i'm finally pregnant with my second baby. i'll be 14 weeks in just a couple days and in light of my loss this past spring you'd think i'd be overjoyed and i keep trying to be but the last two weeks have been hell. When i had my son, i was with someone that, the day i told...
  2. D

    Just reaching out for support, feel trapped, extreme emotions

    Yes so I have been struggling to survive, I only do so really because there's people I don't want to upset, I don't actually care about myself on any level (can't even bring myself to shower, feel disgusted every time I walk past a mirror, I can barely think or concentrate today and as for my...
  3. E

    Can't walk up or down stairs

    I forgot to mention this to my psychiatrist so it here it goes. When I'm walking up or down a stairway I subconsciously step at the same time someonelse is stepping. Two sets of feet, one rythmn. For some reason it makes me feel better. I can only guess that if the other person realizes it and...
  4. P

    I am not sure what is wrong with me?

    Hi everyone, I have never posted on a forum before but I really just feel overwhelmed right now and would love some support. I am not sure what is wrong with me or what I am feeling. The past two weeks I wake up fine but as the day goes on I feel this really uncomfortable feeling creeping in on...
  5. angry butterfly

    i'm so stupid...

    Please help and reassure. Relapsing, took my eye off the ball. Have come a long way with my ocd. Has been managable and not so intense and acute. Now something and have strong anxiety again, just like have had so often and for so many years in the past. Dont like to be reminded of all that pain...
  6. R

    3 year long anxiety about taboo subjects (some may find disturbing)

    Hi everyone thanks for checking out my board Im 20 years old and for the past 3 years I have felt quite lost due to feelings of anxiety caused through guilt. I feel as through I don't get as much enjoyment from things I should like going out and socialising with my friends due to these...
  7. D

    Hello all

    I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia disorder and have been taking a mix of antipsychotics and antidepressants for the past 3 years. I am here to get whatever advice I can,thank you.
  8. M


    I’ve had anorexia twice before and think I am relapsing My weight loss has plateaued and it’s really upset me I’m borderline healthy weight/underweight bmi and definitely at one of the lower weights I’ve been in the past I haven’t told anyone, my mother is a nightmare and it’s all really...
  9. N

    Next Steps- Depression

    Hello, So this is for my girlfriend who has depression. She also struggles with image issues and family separation. I am not too familiar with mental health as she has been my first experience with it. I have supported her and happily motivate her but she's been struggling with it for a few...
  10. Anime-Alchemy

    Process of overcoming my addiction

    Well, for the gazillionth time I am trying to overcome this addiction I have. Monday was the first day of not acting on it and today is the 7th day. In the past the longest I have gone is 8 months? but that was a one off but I want this to be a permanent and lifelong change.
  11. H


    Hey everybody. I'm not totally sure what to put here. I'm 27, have a stable job and work 40 to 50 hours a week. I want to start therapy but honestly with my hours it is a hassle. I've tried therapy in the past and had bad experiences whether it is being forgotten about, overdosed or just told...

    I am thinking about going to a Past Life Hypnotherapist.

    I am curious about this. I wonder if it can help me psychologically. I would like to be a PLH one day too. It would be a good start to go to one myself and see what it is like. I would like to know my past lives. I wonder. I am just tight though but once I have enough savings to feel safe...
  13. J

    I suffer from severe depression HELP!!

    Hi guys I am new to this whole forum malarcy I don't feel like I can go through therapy so a friend recommend this so here I go. I have suffered depression for the last five years in silence I suppose it all started when I lost an ex girlfriend at that time it was only mild( hell u wish I could...
  14. P

    newbie already

    hi... newbie here if even though i posted in the past..
  15. Mr.NiceGuy

    The Vestibular system and the gyroscope microphone

    I had a strong belief for the past 6 years that it was the ear's balance system not the cochlea that was responsible for auditory hallucinations like voices. I put it together in my head that unexplained science like gravity, dreaming, schizoid, were all connected and that the balance system was...
  16. B

    My Girlfriend has left me....

    Hi So i suppose what I am really looking for here is some advice on a situation that has come as quite a shock to me. I have been seeing a girl for around 3 months now and around a month ago we made it "official". Anyway everything has been fine and going really well, we had discussed trips...
  17. D

    Feeling, what is it?

    I am new to this website and I signed up to specifically ask this question, recently I have been debating my career and whether or not it is right for me (I am only 22 so I have time to change my mind and I have a degree). I am single, I have been for two years and haven't been on a date in a...
  18. H

    is it depression? GAD? Anxiety?

    hi folks: I'm new on this forum. I've suffered from a mood disorder for 20+ years now (though, there were signs when I was young already). In a nutshell, I think it's genetic.. let's just say some of my family is in very poor mental health. Further, I just don't "handle" life as well as I would...
  19. megirl

    being weighed

    I have lost a lot of weight just with stress splitting up with husband shifting etc- But anyway still seeing my mental health support worker most weeks and now see him and a psychologist. Anyway shes going on about my weight I am only slightly underweight had weight issues in the past. Now...
  20. Z

    Does anyone suffer from tinnitus I'm at breaking point but scared

    Scared to goto the Crisis Team (in the UK) incase I get committed into care and I couldn't handle that as people say the hospitals are not very nice places just people going dare I say crazy and zombified anyone else a tinnitus sufferer ? how do you cope mine is severe I've rang Samaritans...