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  1. Jonwal

    Life sucks

    Do u ever feel like life is passing you by? I do:confused: I just lie in bed listening to elvis and playing hayday on my iphone.
  2. Captain Maybe

    My Disturbed Emotional flow

    I have this issue almost every time I am faced with a situation that causes an emotional response, for example I see something I like, I get a good feeling but before the emotion dissipates I get this sudden hard bump like response in my body (stomach/heart), and it's really unpleasant and...
  3. G

    Help - your thought please

    Hi, my names Gary and Ive been reading your forum today for the first time. Im very impressed!! Anyway I was looking for your thoughts to my situation. About 2 years ago I went to a private councillor as I needed help trying to sort my life out. She suggested I go onto anti depressants. I...
  4. F

    Stuck but it hurts

    I'm stuck in a situation that I just can't escape. Some of you may remember me talking about a male friend-how things got a little complicated when my marriage was going through difficulties. Well, a lot of time has passed where male friend and I have not talked much (despite seeing each other...
  5. B

    Passing away

    how do u carry on going when all you can think about 24/7 is passing away and there is nothing keeping u here?
  6. N


    I have not posted on here in quite some time now, I guess I have been living in my little isolated ED world. I am getting a bit concerned, I went to my doctor today to follow up about the anti-depressant she put me on. They drew labs, and after they drew my labs i nearly passed out, they had...
  7. P

    Does anyone find their voices worsen...

    ...when something good but stressful happens, eg passing a driving test?
  8. BORTU

    Charity help

    BORTU Revisited Hello, anyone remember me ? I was active on here a while ago but then I had a whoops moment, big depression, - let us just say it involved alcohol and drugs. The end result was less than perfect - I am still here - but fairly life shattering. I have gone from being...
  9. M

    What type of ED do I have?

    Ever since I was young I've been under weight and forced to eat things I don't want but I'd sneak food and hide it or be really possessive of it . I am currently in my early twenties but when I was 16 I was in a mental hospital for 2 weeks with a bad bout of depression and the dr told me I had...
  10. A

    lifes a blurr!

    I have been diagnosed for two years and that's when I started my meds. Since then my life seems a blur and is just passing me by. Does anyone else feel the same?
  11. mrlaurel

    morning all...... Stan log the year of our lord 2012......

    16 - 01 - 2012 stanship enterprize. morning all, you OK? what you up too today? work? going out? how you feeling? I don't have a fat lot to do just wanna catch up with a bit of house work and need to pop to my GP's I've lost the date sof my blood tests and next app so need to sort that...
  12. Angels

    angry angel

    why does one person decide its a good idea to come along and mess up someone elses life? if that ******* hadnt of come into my life and did those things to me i could be passing all of my exams, i could feel safe mentally. i wouldnt be punishing my body every single day because i would be HAPPY...
  13. J


    Hi, I've recently been diagnosed with 'borderline personality disorder' - don't they love their labels. Anyway, I'm on a waiting list for psychotherapy and just wondered if anyone else has had it, and if it helped. I've had general counselling before which wasn't helpful - mainly because I...