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  1. K

    I don't feel happiness anymore.

    Hello, I'm new here to the forums, sorry if I posted this in the wrong spot, but I figured this was the best spot for this. I have been questioning how I have been feeling ever since my grandfather passed away almost 2 years ago. I was 16 when he passed away. When he did pass away, I didn't cry...
  2. K


    Does anybody else have hallucinations while watching TV? Twice yesterday faces distorted while I was watching two different TV shows, and when I rewound it I didn't see it. The actors where laying down on both shows one dead and one passed out.
  3. P

    Over Whelmed and confused

    My oldest son, just went off to job corps. My oldest and I are not on the best of terms. In the past month, my husband gma passed away who I known for 10 years she reminded me a lot of my own gma. Then my Great Aunt Martha passed. She was 102. So was the last of the older generation of...
  4. Fairy Lucretia

    absolutely no choice left whatsoever but to die

    im trying to hang on for maddie ,but i want to go now i act on impulse and i have to make sure i do it when i know i can if maddie had passed i would do it now ,what if i hang on nd don't have the courage to do it when she has passed? am in a very bad way i just simply want to die
  5. Poopy Doll

    Margo Kidder passed away

    Does anybody know why Margo Kidder died ?? What Happened To The Original Lois Lane Margot Kidder?
  6. F

    Suidide Attempt Side Effects

    >first of all, english isn't my mother language, so I apologize for any possible mistakes with my grammar; >this is my first time in this website, i don't really seek help, i just need to write down about... whatever i'm feeling right now. on december 24th last year (yep, christmas) i tried...
  7. R

    I cannot take it any longer.

    Sorry for the negativity but this is too much. Losing so many people so close to me in a short space of time. That is bad enough but to be bullied at work to the point I have to leave and then for a new job to be withdrawn with a days notice on top of mounting bills and debts...now I'm being...
  8. S

    My cat passed away. I don't know what to do.

    She passed away this morning. Last night we had a neighbor drive us to the vet immediately because my cat, Ciara, was breathing really hard. The doctor said it might be something going on in her brain. It all happened so quickly. But now I'm wondering how long Ciara has been dealing with this...
  9. E

    Copy of email I sent to my MP

    The Centre for Disability Assessments wrote to my GP to ask about my fitness for work, my GP sent them a confidential report by a psychologist, the Centre for Disability Assessments passed the report on to the DWP, the DWP then passed it on to HM Courts & Tribunals Service; at no point was my...
  10. Poopy Doll

    tenant passed away

    The day before the hurricane hit, our tenant passed away in the hospital. It was all the more sad because my bf has thirty years in AA and offered to take him to a meeting, but R chose the bottle. I thought maybe we could have done more, but my bf says some people chose the bottle. My bf would...
  11. P

    Missing my dog

    So my dog passed away 2014 and I'm really depressed still about it I can't let her go she was a huge part of my life
  12. I

    ESA Medical decison, what does the letter say?

    I had my medical 4 weeks ago. It went well i think. I've not had a letter with a result however I have had one of those "How your benefits are worked out" letters, but that could have been sent due to a change in deductions. Can someone tell me the rough wording of a SUCCESSFUL letter in...
  13. M


    Been under the MH team since i was 13.. I have had so many different types of workers over 15 years but most of them have been unhelpful, unsupportive & uncaring... and some even causing more problems & issues & no correct help given a the right times,before bad things happen. Workers in my area...

    Trinity Researchers Find Genetic Link Between Motor Neuron Disease and Schizophrenia

    Trinity Researchers Find Genetic Link Between Motor Neuron Disease and Schizophrenia Trinity Researchers Find Genetic Link Between Motor Neuron Disease and Schizophrenia – The University Times My mother was diagnosed with MND. :sorry: (passed away in 2007)
  15. D

    I don'tplease help!!! My OCD is wearing me out and driving me nuts and affecting people around me

    I don'tplease help!!! My OCD is wearing me out and driving me nuts and affecting people around me Hi my name is dan. My OCD is basically security and sobriety based. I check doors and I am an addict as well on a methadone program and I check pills before I take them because I'm afraid of taking...
  16. Poopy Doll

    Ray's passed away

    My bf's best friend passed away. They found him in his wheelchair in the house. He'd been sitting there several days. And we talked about how Ray was such a character. He'd shoot pool from the wheelchair and beat everyone he played. We use to hang out in the swimming pool with him. And we talked...
  17. Da Cuckoo


    I was putting on a starting dose of 5mg yesterday to take at night after 100mg of Seroquel having no effect. It took me around 30 minutes to fall asleep but then I woke up after an hour it seemed I was looking at the bedroom upside down and stuff was flying around this feeling passed and...
  18. O

    amanda todd***may be triggering

    i wish i could revive her. with future technology, is it possible to communicate to people who have passed away? she was so pretty and everything.. i don't know personally, but i feel like i miss her.
  19. H

    Can they fix me ?

    Try and make a long story short… My dad passed at 14 and i started self harming, my mom found out and kicked me out at 16. I moved in with my grandparents for 2 years and in that time my grandfather passed away and my nan kicked me out. At 18 I moved back to my home town and met my now soon to...
  20. J

    venaflexine advise

    Hi just been put on venlafaxine 75mg only been on these for 4 days an feel horrible . Sick . Anxiety . Nervous dont feel like me .. I know ppl get prescribed meds for different reasons. I have bad mood swing an feel very unhappy and. Totally emotionless all the time.i used to sufer from panic...