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  1. qwerty1234

    I can't be myself around people

    I am too direct and nosy by nature. I am transparent myself. And I think a lot about psychology and relationships. I would ask questions that turn people off, like about whether my friend is still married, or what people think of me, I would never pass a work interview because I would say...
  2. J

    School and bipolar

    Has anyone got and advice i can pass on to the school to help my daughter
  3. Poopy Doll

    My mother is a vegetable

    My mother had two consecutive strokes this past weekend and she is in a vegetative state, unresponsive. My son, who was taking care of her this past year, is devastated. My boyfriend and I are quite depressed. She may not pass for weeks or months. She will be in a nursing home. But we are...
  4. P

    Freedom Pass

    Hi Everyone, would really appreciate some advice . I’m currently on , quetiapine, sertraline, busiprone and zopiclone, I see a psychotherapist weekly and Dr has given me a letter saying I can’t drive because of mental health ( depression, anxiety, OCD ) and my meds. Was told to inform DVLA and...
  5. D

    Looking for people who wants to chat over 25 old

    Chat to pass the time. If any wants to, message me.
  6. F

    Introduce mandatory training in autism for all NHS mental health services.

    Introduce mandatory training in autism for all NHS mental health services. Introduce mandatory training in autism for all NHS mental health services. - Petitions Please sign and pass on to people you know.
  7. Not_Crazy_Yet

    I need to find either a job or a volunteer position

    I looked into volunteering at the hospital. The hospital here in town also has a mental hospital on the same campus. I thought maybe I could help in the MH hospital. So I downloaded the handbook and looked thru it. You have to pay a $10 fee annually and also follow a uniform. The uniform for men...
  8. scrappy-doo

    sleep ?

    Is anybody else having issues with sleep, every time I go to bed & shut my eyes iv got that many thoughts racing around in my head & that much worry I find it impossible to get a decent sleep, iv spoken to my GP & all they said is that it comes with anxiety n it will pass, but it's not that easy...
  9. Square Pearl

    Advice or wisdom would be very welcomed

    I had a good job and I loved going in every day. The pay was good and my life was overflowing. I went out with friends and to their houses. Theme parks and zoo's. Holidayed in Europe and further. Sunshine, clear water and excitement. Underneath, I was not doing well mentally but life was so good...
  10. nickybow86

    Feeling very anxious

    Horrible anxiety tonight .. :low: I'm on prozac 6 weeks now and hoping it just from the meds and will pass. I feel rough guys :BLAH: this is so hard sometimes
  11. D

    Disabled bus pass and train pass

    I already have a disabled persons bus pass as I am considered a risk driving due to meds which I am very thankful for, because money is very tight now. However, I have just found out that a support group that could help me is another town and the only way to make the journey is by train. My...
  12. Tired Daisy

    What is bipolar

    Yes I have manic depression I have severe anxiety, panic attacks and illusions and many people have asked me if I have bipolar I'm not sure if I do but my imaginary sister tells me that its important to say what I'm going through. I even set up a facebook account for my imaginary sister and...
  13. J

    "This Too Shall Pass"

    Sometimes when you're suffering from symptoms of your illness it seems like you're "stuck" in the situation. Something that may be helpful is to remember that "This too shall pass." Because, thinking about it, eventually these moments do pass. Just a quick tip today. : ) HTH. Jonathan
  14. Boomerang

    Can i get a bus pass? Should i?

    I have a car but barely drive it because i am not a good driver anymore and the more time spent unwell, the less i drive, the more nervous i am. I have been thinking about selling my car and getting a bus pass. I could see my car but not get a buss pass. The bus pass would say that i am not fit...
  15. Tired Daisy

    I feel when I go out people are looking at me

    Ok I know people are looking at me because I see them from the corner of my eye I have military vision and see them from the corner of my eye as they pass me. I see them on buses that pass me. Then I look up and there looking at me then they turn around and its not because I'm looking at them...
  16. cpuusage

    Feeling more unwell than usual

    Think it's a combination of factors, i don't feel well. Wonder if it's a good idea to see the GP & increase the medication again, but i don't really want to. Always seem to go through these patterns where it feels like i'm on the verge of another breakdown, but it does seem to pass. Crappy...
  17. T

    Health questionnaire

    http://www2.gre.ac.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0011/757037/Health-Questionnaire-for-Teaching-Students-Final-Draft.pdf Here is an example of a health questionnaire. I know I would not pass a Health examination/test like this so this is why I would not be able to enter into certain careers I...
  18. 6

    At what point do you up/change meds

    Currently 300mg wellbutrin, 300mg quetiapine. Docs think bipolar 2 or NOS. I have been good on my meds for 2.5 months. Not depressed, some spotted hypomania but that is ok. The last week or so I have been feeling low. My self talk is horribly berating. My patience is gone. I feel agitated...
  19. Jasmine-love

    Things I've had to tell myself today

    Don't be weird Don't say weird things Control yourself Walk away It's not that bad You'll feel better soon Don't say that , you'll regret it It'll pass Calm down It's ok Yours?
  20. Nikita

    Help!Hugs and reassurance please I feel low and tired.

    I am feeling low over these gynaecology appointments coming up next week and cardiology appointment the week after.I feel so tired and sometimes very ill.I am low and not motivated today,all I feel is low and drowsy and I want to sleep all day,I have no energy to do much. The depression has set...