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  1. M

    Partners second attempt at sucide tonight , don’t know where to turn t

    Sorry if this is distressing for anyone just need some support my partner who is the love of my life tried to attempt sucide again today second time in last 6 weeks he is in the army so his treatment plan or crisis plan as their calling it is a bit complex as their doing things their way and how...
  2. O

    Support for partners

    Does anyone know of any support groups specifically for partners of people with mental health problems? Ideally Lincolnshire way. Thank you
  3. N


    Hi, Well im not sure where to start. I believe I have always had depression and it reared its head a few months ago due to work. I went to the doctors who confirmed this and put me on tablets... then i was ok a few months after so i came off them. I had to move out of my home and move into my...
  4. A

    Contamination ocd

    Hi everyone, I have come on here as I really need help. I hare suffered with ocd for about 8 years now. But it has got so much worse over the last year. I have a complete fear of germs and it really is ruining my life. I wash my hands a ridiculous amount of times a day, I don't do half the...
  5. N

    I've been emotionally abusive, and I'd like to stop.

    I've hurt previous partners. I've hurt my current partner. My mother was emotionally abusive toward me. I still read posts from the time when one of my partners and I were together. I still think about her, even when I'm with someone new. I can't get her out of my head. I hurt her, and I can't...
  6. M


    Hi I have a husband who has mixed personality disorders, he is manic depressive and he also has post traumatic stress disorder, at times it can be quite difficult and there is just no support out there for families who's partners have a mental illness so that's why I have joined. I was hoping to...
  7. daffy

    How much meds is too much

    ive not posted on here for a while cos I've had a good couple of years, but things have changed this last 10 months and I'm not doing very well (I'm dx schitzoaffective) ive been struggleling to cope with my partners cancer and his treatment. However my GP has been excellent seeing me every...
  8. S

    How do I make my wife understand?

    I have suffered with depression for over 10 years now, maybe longer but I was only diagnosed in 2014. My wife finds it difficult when I have lapses and always asks if I am off my medicine as she believes this is the cure for everything. Can anyone else relate to their partners not understanding...
  9. J

    Partners Son - Issues

    Hi all, I'm after a bit of advice.... My partners son is 20, and has some serious issues. He seems to tick some of the boxes for Paranoid Schizoprenia. He has major delusions of grandeur, paranoia as in everyone is out to get him, and thus constantly on the defensive and blows at the drop of a...
  10. amathus

    Are Narcissists Born Not Made? Article.

    There’s a saying that some artists or masterful musicians and craftsmen are “born, not made.” In some ways, our DNA imprints much of our future personalities and talents into our human form, but some paths that are followed are created by us, not born into us. Narcissism is one of those traits...
  11. F

    Fear of sex due to STDs

    I have OCD (not formally dx), so did my mother. Unfortunately, so does my son. I'm writing on behalf of my 28 year old son. He is a smart young man with a good job. He is very sensible, is a non-risk taker, introverted, with some awkwardness in social situations. He and I have a close...
  12. Fairy Lucretia

    i want to die

    i want to die in my sleep so im not aware i can't anymore ive come to the end nothing is okay or ever will be life was only bearable with mummy in it now she has gone its unbearable i have no one my aunty is going to die soon i will be all alone i don't want cancer or anything that would mean i...
  13. F

    I feel like I'm breaking

    I'm new to this but don't know where else to turn. I'm a strong independent single mother. I do well, own my own home and have a good job. Two years ago I got into a relationship, the first time I've let my son meet a boyfriend, it was a big step, my son is now 11. Things were going well but my...
  14. E

    Aren't you hated by your parents, friends, partners or whatever?

    Hey guys! Don't your parents, friends, partners.....hate you? Personally I think I'm superior, that they can't compete with me, and I'm convinced that they don't feel nothing of their existence for real, that their emotions are fake, not true. Not how they should be. They live in a fake...
  15. N

    am schizophrenic interview for partners

    Hello. I have been a schizophrenic for 13 years and counting. I claim esa support group and dla on low for care and mobility. My partner got a letter saying that she has to go for a work focused interview for partners. Will they make her work ? She looks after me all day. I dont go out and my...
  16. Wiseowl

    Past Relationships and The Present

    I had a counselling session that has helped with some past memories. About nine years ago I was in a relationship with someone and I ended it because of my MH issues, I did not know who I was and therefore felt unable to open up to someone else. There were also traumatic events that had...
  17. J

    Partner's son - Issues

    Hi All, I'm looking for a bit of advice really. My partner's son has some issues which I think are being played down by the local MHT, in conjunction with him being "in denial", which isn't helping. He's 19, and has had behavioural/attitude problems for quite a few years. These are the...
  18. T


    I'm having such a bad time with the ocd. It was my friends birthday today but I cancelled as I was too scared to go out. I recently came out of hospital for BPD, but I have had OCD for 13 years. I didn't go out as I didn't go out as everytime I do go out I'm checking to make sure I don't step on...
  19. Lincoln1990


    I have an interview early next week. It's for job I really really want! They are very very interested in speaking with me about the job! I sent in my resume last night about 8 pm and it's 940 am and I got an email not too long ago about this. One of the partners is going to Denver for the...
  20. C

    My Partner's Mum Taking Up Legal Rights For Us Not To Be Together

    I hope this is the correct section about my situation. I was previously close friends with my neighbour downstairs. We had a big fall out but myself and my Daughter are close friends with her other Daughter's. She has a Daughter of 24 who is lesbian and I became very close to her. She was upset...