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  1. TroubleinParadise

    How does this apply to you?

    The hardest part is not changing the way you feel, that you can't change, the hardest part is changing the way you react to how you feel. The hardest part is to tell yourself that you're delusional.
  2. F

    Started new job today!

    I started a part time job today. I had to give up my last full time job after trying to cope with all day anxiety attacks for 11 days. I had a good first day and concentrated all the way through. I am only doing two days a week, so I am hoping that I can use the time off to relax and...
  3. TroubleinParadise

    Psychosomatic Symptoms & Depression

    Hi Everyone, So I went out for sushi yesterday with a buddy of mine. A good hour and a half into the evening I without paying attention took a fair sum of wasabi and ate it. It was a little bothered, but soon after it stopped bothering me. However, I remembered reading something on the dangers...
  4. JerrBear8504

    Hello from WA State

    Hello from Tacoma, WA. I'm a 33 yr old guy with a sort of combo between GAD, Social Anxiety, and Agoraphobia! I also happen to be a person in long-term recovery from substance use disorder. I currently have 7 months and 12 days since my last use. I've come a long, LONG way since May 9th...I am...
  5. F

    I have got a part time job today, had to give up last full time role.

    I have just had a phone call to tell me that I have got a part time job, I start after Christmas. I had a full time job in October but I had to give it up due to continued anxiety attacks. I am hoping that this part time job will be less stressful and help me to eventually get back into full...
  6. G

    NPD mother died

    I am BPD with some NPD traits. It’s been a long struggle to come to that understanding, with the help of a therapist. The person who abused me most has just died after a very long, violent illness. I wouldnt wish that experience on my worst enemy. Towards the end, I just stopped going to...
  7. S

    I think I’m going to kill myself

    How do I make myself believe it will get better? I felt this way once before and felt better before very quickly going into the same rut. It seems like pain follows you no matter where you go. How do people just let it go? Everyday that goes by feels like torture and the worst part is that it...
  8. M

    I'm not part of the herd

    My visions started in my teens I'd see leopards walking beside me through the trees and bushes and Victorian dressed peasant's standing still by trees just staring at me. I can see them and describe them in detail as well as I could the trees that they stood by, but I always knew they were...
  9. T

    Mental Illness as a Consequence of Head Injury

    Something I've wondered about for a number of years is whether my illness could have been brought on - or certainly exacerbated - by a head injury I received when I was in my mid-teens. The short version is that I found out the hard way why the rules of field hockey prohibit players from...
  10. R

    I was raped.

    I haven't told anyone but I needed to say It somewhere. It took me a year to accept that I had been raped. I made every excuse for it. He was my boyfriend. I wanted to have sex with him earlier. But the truth was, hours later, I was blackout drunk. I did not consent at that time. An intoxicated...
  11. N

    September holiday/vacation

    Hi Folks, I am looking forward to my family holiday coming up, September time. Hopefully and all beign well, I'll do zumba on board, if it is too jumpy, too fast, I'll attend the once. I shall try to enquire if it is gold level. I'll also wish to take part in karaoke, so once I check the...
  12. A


    I am a newbie to this forum. It's a great pleasure to be a part of this forum. Thank you for having me here.
  13. S

    I just confessed!

    I told a friend about my past addiction to a stimulant. Felt weird. Can’t tell if he was really ok about it, he kind had f seemed ok, but looked a bit awkward. Fuck, part of it is I don’t care anymore.
  14. Soul_Deeps

    How to survive family vacation?

    Hi, Somehow I got talked into going to vacation with my family again. I believe it was because I feared I could hate myself more if I would have let the chance slipped to see another country / other places. But now that I am here I feel miserable, I never have time for myself and because I...
  15. R

    Anonymous online study on dreams and depression - Research finished

    THIS STUDY HAS NOW FINISHED Hello, Are you aged 18 or over and experiencing symptoms of depression? If so, would you be interested in taking part in an anonymous online study on the link between daily stress, dreams and mood in depression? It's for my MSc Psychology research study. It...
  16. G


    I have been on this Earth for 44 years and I do not want to end it inconsequentially. I will continue to live without deviation. However, if death comes I welcome it. I am tired and no amount of talking or drugs will persuade me of this belief. The normal life struggle for me is almost...
  17. I

    Quick part time work and s.s.i. Question

    Hello there. Will I lose all my S.S.I. money if I work only part time? Like lets say 20 hours or less? I know I could lose them if I worked full time. I'm just not sure if working part time would cause me to lose them. I'm terrified of even looking for a part time job because of this. I can't...
  18. Kerome

    Gaming Disorder coming soon

    They are adding it to the ICD, which means it will soon be part of the mental health standards... ‘Gaming disorder’ is now classified as a mental condition — but there’s reason to be skeptical - The Verge
  19. S

    I think I have Abulic Depression

    I am wondering if anyone on here has any suggestions for overcoming/getting rid of this disorder. I think it is part of my negative symptomology, but I am not sure. Anyway, any suggestions are welcome.
  20. W

    Inviting close friend out for dinner - they invite along someone else

    Hi all - have been feeling quite depressed this week. I have one close friend who I can feel like I can talk to about most things so I thought it would be a good idea to spend some time with her. I suggested we go out to dinner after work, but then 30 mins before she lets me know that she is...