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  1. M

    Is this abuse

    I’m unfortunately back home with my mum, and it’s just the two of us most of the time. I’m a young adult. She’s done a lot for me and my career, but fights with everyone. When she goes after me it’s after something tiny and I can’t deal with her anymore. I’d leave but don’t have anywhere to go...
  2. B

    Bdp and being a single parent

    Hi everyone, 1st time being on this site, I'll keep my msg short and to the point, I'm a single parent to 2 kids age8/14, I have no family nor friends, and I literally mean none, I got diagnosed with bdp in March 2018, I'm currently having episodes every 4-6 weeks, the only support I have is my...
  3. K

    Child abuse -rage

    Need to calm down not sure how. Children are a massive trigger to me, and im growing more monster the faster the days away from my girl. Few days ago got into a fight with a neighbour, smacking his kid could hear him literally beating the kid. Had enough of it very fast, see what a 32 yr old DID...
  4. MotherLion

    How long does it last?

    Almost from day one I felt as though I may be struggling with my baby and feeling very depressed a lot of the time. I put this down to the circumstances surrounding my pregnancy and the fact that I'm doing pretty much everything as a single parent. But now my son is a year and a half and I still...
  5. J

    Newly diagnosed BPD and probable PTSD victim

    Hi, I'm Jessica (but I go by Jay), and i was recently diagnosed with BPD and probable PTSD. My life has been anything but stable: loss of a parent at a very young age, the other parent has Bi Polar and has basically dipped in and out of my life like a kingfisher dips in and out of the river...
  6. F

    Feeling blue around a family member

    I think I may be part of a narcissist family dynamic. Reasons being due to my own feelings and experiences, and from the responses from other posters when I posted about all that had happened at home over the years on a different help website. I was told by many posters that it indeed did sound...
  7. H

    Brother just diagnoses, have questions regarding his daughter

    Hi so my big brother is a single father. (Him and his daughter live with our parents) The mother of his daughter died 2 years ago of overdose. My niece is now 7. We have noticed my brother losing grip with reality over the past 5 years. We all thought in the beginning that it was depression or...
  8. I

    Another chemical castration interview I did with another service user

    He is Shaun 32 from England but he was 22 at the time. It is a transcripted interview. The very same psychiatric drugs that are given to the 'mentally ill' are given to chemically castrate sex offenders. When this chemical castration effect is permanent despite throwing away the medication, this...
  9. J

    Lack of support from the closest to you

    I was laid off a couple of months ago and did not know what to do. This was probably the lowest point of my life. I kept on hearing people laughing at me as if my life were sh!t (past experiences). A couple of days ago I came up with the solution to go back to school and get a Bachelors degree...
  10. 6

    As a parent what do you to get away

    I love my kids ages 6, 7, 8, and 10. But lately (and probably because my mental state is sort of in an "and holding" place...not improving thus feeling a bit lower than I should be despite the meds) anyway but lately they are driving me nuts. Even their laughter is annoying me What are your...
  11. CloudyEmmy

    I stuck and I don't know what to do

    Hi, I'm in my early 20s and from the outside I like every normal person. But I know that deep down inside, I'm not like them. Recently, I did some research about metal problem on the internet. And I noticed that I have some symptom of depression. I even did some research where I could get...
  12. A

    Parenting Age ad Careers Influences

    There is no time table and no set rule to when a person can become a parent but advice given suggests that it is preferred to become a parent later rather than earlier. What age is recommended for a person to become a parent? How should careers determine parenting roles and who should pay and do...
  13. L

    Any schizophrenic parents out there?

    Hi everyone, newbie here. My actual diagnosis is schizoaffective but thought I'd post here as well because there are so many similarities between the two illnesses and I figure I'll have more luck connecting with people by posting here too so I hope that's okay. I was diagnosed schizophrenic 6...
  14. heyliv

    feeling like a child.

    hi! i just joined this forum because im kind of in a crisis right now. i was diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder a while back (i'm 20 btw) and i'm really struggling with something and i'm wondering if people recognize it and maybe have some advice. ever since i can remember i've...
  15. T

    What is it like to be a parent who has anxiety or/and depression?

    The main motivation for getting better for me is that I want to be well for when I have children, but I get scared that I can't get better! I mean no offence! What is it like to be a parent with depression and bad anxiety especially? Please don't take this offensively, I'm more searching for...
  16. M

    Being a parent with EUPD!

    Hello. I was just wondering if anyone knew any good books about being a parent with and coping with EUPD/BPD I've searched online but all I can find is books about living with someone with EUPD/BPD. Thank you.
  17. A

    Trying to cope with relative with schizophrenia

    I have a son who has the Schizophrenia diagnosis. He's 36 and is in hospital again after coming off a CTO. His conditions started when he was 16 and has been chronic ever since. He does very little always blaming the meds and the mental health team as being useless and nasty. I have two...
  18. V

    sister has cut my mum off from me and my family

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, i had been my mums carer for 9 years up to the incident in 2012 my dad died in 2003 and at the time my parents and i both lived in dorset. i have one sibling a sister who lives in surrey she used to visit my parents about 3 times a year and after my dad...
  19. A

    Just moved in, need to meet my neighbours

    Hello. New here. Have been on another forum since my son became ill with schizophrenia in early 2013. Have found it more helpful than I can put into words to connect with other carers and others living with mental illness as a way of feeling less like an alien since our lives changed so...
  20. S

    My father is umm......mad?

    Hi Ok am new here so hi, plus i don't know if this is the right place or not. btw, I think my dad is crazy, whatever you call it but I am sure he is mentally ill. Look at the symptoms- - acts like a 10 year old, i mean literally he acts like a kid -shouts alot when angry, he even hurts him...