1. R

    Are your voices ghosts

    Dose anyone else here think that their voices are paranormal, mine are.
  2. R

    Watch out, paranormal

    Watch out for the moon and Mars in time for people colonising as space ghosts that own the earth are going to wrap spirit mist around them in time for people colonising as to kill and entrap human spirits and this will cause a atmosphere and it will start to rain. Please don't float up to ozone...
  3. R

    If I come off medication will it effect my benefits.

    Hi I am on medication for schizophrenia which makes me feel like I am a zombie, I can't do with it and want to come off but will this effect my benefits in any way. I believe that it is paranormal what is happening to me anyway, the drugs don't work at all.
  4. telekinesis

    can/does schizophrenia promote or incite paranormal activity?

    wasnt for sure of the right word to use i didnt really mean promote but kinda like make more easily to be able to deal with or see and observe paranormal activity. im sure theres a large list out there for the different kinds of occult or paranormal stuff that we have experienced. but i was...
  5. The Big Dawg

    A complex situation

    So I had a dream last night about the haunted house that I used to live in, to cut it a long story short I had a lot of paranormal experiences and one of them was seeing colors coming out of the wall in my bedroom at night when I was a kid and last night in my dream I was told that the colors in...
  6. The Big Dawg

    The Enfield poltergeist

    Yes it was real and it happened, when I was 3 years old I got looked after by (name withheld) due to forum rules even though shes dead now but still lol anyway I then I went to a foster family afterwards, she died of old age later on... I have had many paranormal experiences, I've seen ghosts...
  7. The Big Dawg

    Has anybody been abducted by aliens

    Hi I know that this may seem like a crazy thread, but has anybody ever been abducted by aliens and if so I'd like to hear you're experiences. I've never been abducted by aliens myself, however I have seen a lot of things in my time and have had a lot of paranormal experiences so I believe and...
  8. The Big Dawg

    Has anybody used an Ouija board?

    One word Ouija lol I used one once and a spirit came through and told me that I was a warlock in my previous life which is a male witch who abused their powers and got them taken away from them which explains my life today lol Spirits, demons are nothing new to me as I've had many paranormal...
  9. The Big Dawg

    Could hearing voices be the dead taking to me?

    Hi, I hear voices all the time and there are always forces at work preventing me from accomplishing things. Ok... when I was younger I had an encounter with a demonic entity, I wont go into to much detail about it but basically I did something to make it disappear... since then I've had...
  10. L


    Hello I m crisp and new to this site so would like to share a bit how I came to be here at this time. A years ago my potassium bottomed out which gave me hypokelemia (sp?) that causes extreme spasms and it misfires the brain causing the voices. Did all the testing to see if I might be...
  11. burt tomato

    Paranormal activity.

    The hallucinations just seem paranormal. Sometimes it totally freaks me out. Anyone else can relate?
  12. softwhisper


    Paranormal. Who defines Para from normal... What... Gives the authority... To...give... Para... An inquisition ...of... Data.... It... Is... An... Illusion... Of... Mans... Mistrust... Who?... Has the right... To say...Para... What?... Becomes... The norm... When... Para... Is attached...
  13. R

    Intervoice Withdrawl

    All, I have decided to withdraw from participating here at Intervoice for the time being once again. Yes, this could possibly be the best thread I have ever started. I'm afraid I've been depleted as far as giving support goes. Anyone who wishes may contact me through private message or email...