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  1. E

    Rushed, overwhelmed, paranoid and anxious. What’s going on? I need someone to talk to..

    I don’t know what’s going on with me exactly. It’s like there is a blanket around me with a strong weird negative energy. I am familiar with this feeling, but lately it’s stronger then ever. I suffer from GAD, depression and social phobia. I haven’t left my house in 2 weeks now. It’s a horrible...
  2. J

    Suffering from Paranoia

    I guess this is a start for me before I seek advice. But I suffer from constantly being paranoid. The main issue is I feel like everyone is talking and laughing behind my back. Also that my Girlfriend cheated on my early this year. As her mental Heath wasn’t good. She went onto something. But...
  3. R

    Extreme and intrusive paranoid thoughts?

    So for a long time now I’ve always had some pretty crazy thoughts and never knew why I thought them. Only recently I’ve found out about extreme paranoia being a thing. I thought these were just some crazy insane thoughts but it turns out that this is a thing. I have really bad anxiety already so...
  4. B

    Extreme fear of data breach may be my fault

    Months back at work a co worker mentioned doing her work from home. I thought it was cool and decided to do it once when I needed to. Then months later I accessed the same info from home to basically aid a compulsion I was dealing with. Anyways, the site I accessed has our clients confidential...
  5. Midnight.Panda

    depressed and suicidal

    I've never been diagnosed with depression (except for relocational depression 6 years ago) and I usually say I don't have it... I'll just say that I have low moods and that I have the ability to be happy and I haven't been diagnosed etc etc But idk at what point I can sit myself down and...
  6. Midnight.Panda

    Paranoid about my friends

    I keep feeling like my friend doesn't like me anymore and is slowly trying to get rid of me. Things feel really awkward and uncomfortable when I am around them now too and we have been fighting a lot more. They keep making me out to be some kind of bad person and getting angry at me. Idk maybe I...
  7. A


    Hi everyone. I’m a 19 year old student diagnosed with Social Anxiety disorder and Depression. To add to it all, I have Asperger syndrome, which just adds confusion to my anxiety. I enjoy drawing, reading and writing my own stories which help me deal with my emotions. My current life situation...