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paranoid thoughts

  1. R

    paranoia and the work capability assessment questionairre

    the women i've got filling in the form leaves the door ajar slightly guess she feels safer knowing people can hear alone with a schitzo all it'll take is some women in the office overhearing things and pointing me out to their alky sister after all they'll understand and when i go into the pub...
  2. T

    Is this paranoia or something else?

    Hi, So for many years I've had issues with I guess being concernd with what may be behind me (physically). Along with general paranoia? When home alone, or even if family are there, if I'm the last one going to bed, last one downstairs etc. When walking the dogs, I feel I need to be slightly in...
  3. L


    Does anyone know how to handle constant thinking and paranoia?
  4. M


    Hi I was put on a CTO and my capacity has been taken away. Does anyone have experience getting off the meds and the CTO? Also, the pdoc said I was paranoid. I was basically writing everything down he said.
  5. T

    anyone been addicted to xanax?

    ive been taking 0.5mg twice a day(sometimes more on the weekend) for the past few months, i know its not a huge amount but when i dont have it i start to feel really paranoid and shaky. has anyone tapered off it ? i take other stuff aswell and feel ill when im sober im sick of it
  6. A

    What's wrong with me?

    Im 23 and When I'm in a conversation Like I'm talking all okay and then my mood changes and i forget how to communicate and everything gets awkward. I get a panic feeling all over and lose track and feel awkward in every aspect. I hear voices too which has been going on for the last few months...
  7. A

    New here...

    Hi im 23 and having a Rough time at the moment looking at other people's experiences and tips to cope with rushing thoughts and paranoia. Been diagnosed with adhd and generalised anxiety disorder but over the last fee days been in hospital a+e and got an appointment. With mental health team...
  8. J

    My wife is worried about me...

    Lately I have been feeling a bit more out-of-whack than usual, I do not take medication anymore (Zoloft) and have been off of them for nearly a year and I was on Zoloft for nearly a year including the tapering off. I'm not very good at hiding how I feel so my wife definitely noticed that I have...
  9. H

    Have you been told you are paranoid? When you know its all real?

    Hi All We have fought for the past three years to prove we are not paranoid. I *a woman" has had my entire emotional past exploited online, every job someone has mentioned something about my past and something about my partners. I felt as if internet searches and pages were repetitive and that...
  10. Mayflower7

    Delusional disorder

    Hi All, My psychiatrist is now querying if I have delusional disorder and not paranoid schizophrenia. Anyone have delusional disorder? I seem to have more symptoms of delusional disorder. Thanks
  11. soulsearcher

    sometimes i feel like im not wanted on here...

    hey peeps it makes me anxious that i keep getting paranoid like as if im not wanted on here by some peeps, i hope im wrong though :low:
  12. F

    So hurt

    I'm here for my husband 1st most and me and my family..we have been thru a lot past four years. Hardest part is the not knowing..I have no answers as to really what's wrong with my husband. One thing to do know is something is wrong.he just up and started acting real scary . he started acuseing...
  13. K

    Panic Disorder/Anxiety Issues & Help?

    Okay so pretty much I've been dealing with this issue for a few years now. It isn't till now it's basically stopping me from doing normal everyday things with either myself or my loved ones. The weird part is I've noticed it's when I'm either by myself or at night time, it can last anywhere...
  14. soulsearcher

    Does any else keep getting paranoid?

    any else keep getting paranoid? i keep thinking that someone is out to get me and want to kill me the paranoia is getting worse day by day
  15. A

    Bi Polar with Paranoia - On Rexulti - Need Input

    I will try to keep this brief. I was always depressed and my senior year of college (a year ago) I had a major psychotic break where I literally thought I was flying through the universe. I was hospitalized in for two weeks, and I have been trying to fine tune my meds. I am working closely...
  16. F

    Has anyone had anything like this happen?

    As far as I was concerned my dx was paranoid PD as on official correspondence that was what it said. However at my recent appointment the pdoc asked what I thought of my diagnosis. I said I didn't think paranoid PD was a good fit. He said that what he'd received from my old trust was that it...
  17. soulsearcher

    feeling down, fed up, suicidal

    hey peeps, im feeling down, fed up and suicidal i just want it to end, im sick of BPD, im sick of depression, im sick of anxiety, and im sick of this paranoia :cry:
  18. S

    Does this sound like Bipolar?

    First of all i'm not expecting anyone to diagnose me nor am i trying to self-diagnose myself. I am going to go to talk to someone professionally about my mental health soon but for now i just wanted to ask this question to get an idea of where my mental health could lie. I'm 22 years old and...
  19. I

    CPTSD - anybody else? Levomepromazine...

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum so bare with me this might be a bit of a ramble. So, I'm 27 and have just disclosed the childhood sexual abuse I was subjected to. I have been diagnosed with CPTSD, and I am awaiting specific treatment for that rather than the anxiety & depression treatments I...
  20. A

    Constant irrational fear of death

    Hi guys! I’m new here. So I’ve had this issue with an obsessive fear of death pretty much my entire life, although as a child I was not as self-aware and therefore this problem did not bother me half as much. My whole life I have been very superstitious (believing nearly all of the Friday the...