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  1. worriedDAD

    My son is suffering from sleep paralysis. What should I do?

    For the past week, my son has been suffering from sleep paralysis. I don’t know if this is normal but having to deal with it for how many days is not normal anymore. My 15 year old kid kept on telling me that he’s having nightmares and bad dreams, which I don’t like. I read an article in a...
  2. G


    Hey everyone, thought I'd try this forum as it looks supportive and informative, just what I need at the moment. I'm a 20 year old male who's had depression and anxiety for as long as I've known myself. I was put on 30mg Mirtazapine but my body couldn't handle it, it would put me to sleep...
  3. dreambuggieIII

    What's the Frequency of Healing ?

    Do you ever get a "vibe" on matters. Are you sensitive to others ? Do you feel internal quivers ? Paralysis of body at night ? Or all of the above ? Have a very quick gander, as to what resonance project is trying to do ....Good vibrations ( press the switch )
  4. Nightgrind

    Anyone else get this?

    All my life I've suffered from these strange nightmare visions. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced anything similar? I often get very vivd, lucid, terrifying nightmares. These are not just any nightmares though... They often involve me waking up in my bed, believing I'm actually...
  5. Konifera

    Chain Of Dreams

    I just need to get this out... I just woke up from a really troubling string of dreams- I really shouldn't have gone to bed so worried, and I especially shouldn't have decided to fall back asleep after waking up from a lucid dream... First I dreampt about my ex, and I was flooded with sorrows...
  6. H

    Sleep paralysis - house mate

    Hi all I am new to this forum and just to note I am physically and mentally healthy and have been my entire life. The person in topic is my house mate I wasn't sure which board to post this in, but I do see it as a psychological issue I moved in with my house mate at the start of this year...
  7. S

    Not sure... If my mentality is in check or..?

    I'd not like to come off as someone suffering from any disorder... Really, I'm just here to share my experiences of hearing voices, any sort of phenomena, and anything else of the sort. I'm posting here because I would like to wonder what your opinion of my experiences may be. I got tested by a...
  8. emski

    Sleep paralysis / waking dream / associated phenomena

    Hello! I wasn't sure where to post this, since it's not a bipolar thing necessarily but I couldn't decide where else to put it so here it is. 'Sleep paralysis' It's a strange phenomenon that I have experienced on and off since I was 7. My first experience of it included a very vivid...
  9. R

    Sleep Paralysis/Other patterns

    I was wondering if anyone has experienced sleep paralysis? I experienced it once before the "voice" began and it was your typical alien like figures at the edge of my bed. I could not move my body and was filled with intense fear. Upon waking the next morning, I felt like I hadn't slept the...
  10. C

    My son has CD

    Hi there, Just been told today, that after months of worrying that my son has a very rare disease (HNPP) causing paralysis, going deaf and possible blindness - that it is indeed Conversion Disorder and there is actually nothing wrong with him at all! In a bad place here, as only just come to...