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panic attacks

  1. H

    Fear Of Insanity

    Hey guys. So Ill try and keep this super short-- if you would like a more in-depth look at my situation, go ahead and check out this post:This is all so new to me So. Since last year, May 24th 2018- I have been dealing with some serious issues. I have pretty much experienced a bit of...
  2. A

    Certain Symptoms Won't Go Away

    Hello lovely people, it's me again. :unsure: I've been dealing with something for the past few weeks involving a person leaving my life. For the first full week, I had panic attacks everyday. My symptoms were nausea, hyperventilation, diarrhea, fatigue, cold flashes, and chest pain. I couldn't...
  3. A

    I just got meds and I'm scared and angry

    I was gonna write this long winded story about what's going on, but I ran out of energy. And I think this is something I wanna do so I decided to make it quick. I am 23yo she/her college graduating senior. I have situational depression, and panic disorder that was diagnosed 2 weeks ago. I hate...
  4. Lostinthestatic

    Fear of abandonment = panic

    I hope it’s okay that I continue to post here even without a BPD diagnosis, I just need some support for this. I feel like I’m being abandoned and my anxiety is getting worse. Every passing day drives me a little closer to doing something drastic, like self harm. My chest hurts and I have this...
  5. W

    Sudden non-stop anixety after years

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum. I've really been struggling lately-, I've been on pristiq for nearly 7 years now with only 2 increases in doses. I've been pretty much okay for that time, but recently I got sick and now the anixety is constant. One of my physical problems with it is that I vomit...
  6. P

    Middle of the night panic attacks

    Hi guys, I am 21 and i've been dealing with generalized anxiety and panic attacks for about 6 years now. I do sometimes have very severe panic attacks, where I would end up calling an ambulance. They mostly involves my heart skipping, dizzyness and hyperventialtion, trouble breathing, sometimes...
  7. F

    No appetite, can't eat, throwing up when eating

    So about 2 years ago, i suddenly couldn't eat or dring anything. It came out of the blue, no warning. I woke up one day after not sleeping almost at all and threw up. I tried to eat but had no appetite and felt very nauseous. This lasted a long long time, I went to a psychologist for 3 months...
  8. J

    Stress and panic attack user interviews for a responsive website

    Hello everyone I am a student from the university of Reading studying graphic communication, currently I am doing a project about health and responsive websites. My website is for people who suffer with anxiety and panic attacks, and will provide support, advice and knowledge on anxiety and...
  9. N

    I really would need some advice

    Hello to everyone.. My name is nina and im new here... Im in a very complicated relationship and stade of mind at the moment.. I would appreciate it if someone has some advice for me.. It might be a longer story but i want to explain to understand... Im in a very happy relationship since 2...
  10. A

    is it normal to have extreme physical symptoms of stress for weeks??

    Why does it seem my flight or fight response is taking longer and longer to subside.Its lasted for almost 3 weeks now?? is that normal am I over thinking myself into panic again? Ive been having panic attacks and depression for years, I know all about the biology behind it with hormones and...
  11. E

    Meditation/mindfulness triggering dissociation + conversion disorder

    I have a nice mix of symptoms probably caused by CPTSD-type of situation (depression, anxiety, non-fearful panic attacks, somatisation, dissociation dymptoms and conversion disorder / PNES). Meditation and/or mindfulness has been recommended to me by pretty much everyone and boy I've been...
  12. A


    Hi thank you for taking the time to read my into. I’m a 31yr old female, recently married, I have a 2yr old son whom is my whole world, my reason for breathing and quite frankly the only reason I’m still breathing. I’ve suffered terribly since the age of 10 with a phobia of gagging on certain...
  13. B

    Trialing new antidepressants for Panic disorder

    I have panic disorder. I have not seen a psychiatrist for several months now. I have an appointment for February. I was just wondering, if anyone had any luck feeling better from trying different antidepressants, or perhaps other classes of drugs. I have tried zoloft, lexapro, effexor, seroquel...
  14. M

    Brand new here but keep forgetting things

    It's A lot more complicated than that actually. Hard to explain, I keep forgetting big things. I woke up in the night last night and for a few seconds could not place who my fiance was. Now when this happens I know it's happening, like I know I'm forgetting. I know that I must know him. But...
  15. S

    Asked to travel for esa assesment

    :panic: I filled out esa form stating I cant travel due to panic attacks severe social anxiety and depression everything I wrote was ignored the bastards at the dwp said I must travel to Glasgow or risk losing benefits :eek2:i am devastated just want to curl up in my bed and die in my sleep
  16. A

    Why does it feel my physical symptoms of a panic wont subside?

    Why does it seem my flight or fight response is taking longer and longer to subside. Ive been having panic attacks and depression for years, I know all about the biology behind it with hormones and nervous systems. I seem to be having spells more frequently and longer lasting with very bizarre...
  17. A

    Why are my fight or flight symptoms lasting longer and longer?

    Im a 32 year old male and I've been battling this for years. Why does it seem my flight or fight response is taking longer and longer to subside. Ive been having panic attacks and depression for years, I know all about the biology behind it with hormones and nervous systems. I seem to be having...
  18. D

    New, agoraphobic and depressed!

    Hi there! I’m a new poster and I suffer with agoraphobia, panic disorder/anxiety and depression (a lovely combination I know!). Now as I look back I’ve suffered from anxiety issues for most of my life although I wasn’t fully aware of this for a very long time. I’ve been clinically depressed...
  19. L

    Need help

    Had a panic attack today, ended up in the hospital. Did labs and ekg everything came back normal besides my heart rate being up from the panic attack. Not sure where it came from, need help or suggestions with dealing with it.
  20. tragicpink

    i thought i was getting better

    i stopped having panic attacks during sex but tonight i read a text post on the internet about sex and completely lost it. i don't know what to do. it's making my self harm worse too