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panic attack.

  1. M

    Struggling with instructive thoughts and panic attacks

    I’m worried about going to the doctors about my issues due to struggling to get the words out of my mouth in front of somebody, last year (March) I was living with a friend but she become violent and scary, she treatened to kill me and she hurt me a couple times and the police were called on...
  2. Amanda_M

    Sad, new, need of people to relate to

    Hi everyone- I've been struggling really hard the last couple of months and I have finally decided to join a community where I feel I can find people who are going through the same hardships that I am. I'm 23, and I just graduated college in May. I have a full-time job at a place where I...
  3. B

    Drugs caused my anxiety help me

    MY STORY Mephedrone Meow meow Mem kat Para 1 : Evening writing this now I have the worst brain fog I’ve taken 7.5mg of diazepam, knowing even now it won’t help - but what else can I do ? I started taking meth in 2011 November when I came out gay , on and off until November 2015, but...
  4. H

    New Job: Panic Attack / Depression! What can be done? Can't do anything else.

    New Job: Panic Attack / Depression! What can be done? Can't do anything else. Hi, I started my new job a week back to a site where I cant use phone or anything. I don't like the job (I also can't quit because I hve to for my family and future). Its been a week and I fall into depression or...
  5. FearOfOnesSelf

    Hi Fellow Suffers

    Well where to start? This is just an intro thread, so I will keep it short. Nearly ten years ago I was told I had depression and anxiety. Then four years ago I developed panic attacks. My depression and anxiety episodes come and go, along with paronia and the panic. I also feel like I am...
  6. J

    Constant Generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks

    Hi, am 38 years old. Had and still taking 80mg of Atorvastatin to treat LDL cholesterol for long time now. Since age 35 am suffering from GAD and panic attacks or at least that`s what doctors said. It all started in one night almost asleep when a super sharp headache was very painful so i...