panic attack

  1. Justafriend95

    High risk

    The last view days are really hard. I am now 19 days free of SH. But I do a lot of stupid and dangerous stuff to get a high. A view days ago I walked into the jungle in Thailand. With a guide and my husband. We walked up 1,5 km high in the mountain in the middle of the jungle. The last 500...
  2. B

    Really strange panic attack.

    Hiya, I'm not quite sure if this is an anxiety attack or something else, but i wanted to see if anyone's experienced anything similar. I have anxiety anyway but I've never had an attack like this before. I felt a little dizzy and wobbly earlier today, it passed so I thought nothing of it as...
  3. U

    I don’t know what to do with my life

    I don’t know what to do I have nothing on the earth to live for anymore no one loves I hate myself no one needs me and I keep getting suicidal thoughts and I self harm I’m just alone. I don’t necessarily want to die but I don’t want to live if that makes sense to anyone
  4. H

    Acting cold towards everything and everyone helps anxiety

    Me and my girlfriend are in a situation where she wants us to go somewhere for about two or so day and due the fact her family is there and all the drama that comes with it and how I wouldn't feel comfortable even breathing near those people it causes me a lot of stress and anxiety because my...
  5. K

    Health anxiety/panic as a uni student

    Hello there, I've only just made an account on here after friends/family suggested I maybe try and talk to people experiencing similar anxiety to me. I suffer from health anxiety and panic quite a lot, I'm seeing a therapist who is lovely but it's not noticeably helping and I feel as if things...
  6. A

    How Do I Deal With Set Backs?

    I'm having a bad night. Over the past few weeks I feel like I had gotten better. Better at handling my anxiety, better at supporting myself to calm down. I was feeling better. Then, out of the blue, another terrifying, awful panic attack. I was in the bathroom staring at my shower curtain, and...
  7. Lostinthestatic

    What has helped you the most?

    I want to clarify that I do not have a diagnosis for BPD, only depression and acute anxiety. I strongly suspect I may have BPD, but as I am not a professional I do not know for sure. I’m currently going back to therapy I’m just waiting until the intake appointment. All I can say is that I...
  8. Celaena97

    I think someone is triggering me, and I don't know that to do

    (Please bear with me, English isn't my first language so I'm so, so sorry if I make any mistake) I've been dealing with social anxiety from a couple of years now (I was 14, now I'm 21), for the most part I can control it as long as nobody pushes me to do things unexpectedly, just give me some...
  9. D


    I am hoping someone will be able to help me and get in contact with me about my daunting symptoms. I suffer from chronic anxiety and panic attacks of which I've seen the Doctor about many times. I can cope with an anxious tummy and anxious thoughts but this sometimes manifests into frightening...
  10. H

    Maiden post at MHF - crippling fight-or-flight sensation

    Hello everyone, This is my first ever forum post on any website! I had been reluctant to join in, however I am hoping this will prove therapeutic and cathartic. I'll try not to turn this into an self-indulgent essay! I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression in 2015, after a series of crying...
  11. M

    After effects of panic attack

    Hi there. Yesterday I had a panic attack, but once it was over I still felt on the brink of one. This lasted about 6 hours even after I slept. I woke up and still feel the same. Does anyone have advice? I’ve looked online but it’s not very helpful. Thanks to anyone who can offer any tips!