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  1. Y

    Anxiety Chest Pains 24/7 help!

    Hey everyone so here's the story. So over 2 years ago I was abusing drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy and much more. I ended up overdosing and during this time I blacked out and had a very vivid dream. In the dream I had a very realistic and painful heart attack and felt it all. Upon waking up I...
  2. A

    please read, chest aches and pains

    Hi all so for around about 7 years i have had chest aches and pains and in that time i have had numerous blood tests and a couple ecgs all of which was normal. I have also been to the doctors countless times and had my blood pressure done, heart and lungs listened to etc and my oxygen. Again all...
  3. A

    Need someone to relate to about chest aches and pains

    I've had this for around 4/5 years now I've had ecgs in the past and blood tests etc. Numerous times the doctor has listened to my heart and lungs and all is fine as well as my blood pressure. But still I get aches and pains in my chest, upper back and neck. I've had a sports massage and he said...
  4. R

    One thing after another....

    Hi all. �� Were do I begin. Suffered with metal Health since just before i hit been a teenager. Little bit of my background (this is a first typing this out) ....I think I touched most basis for general depression......my childhood wasn't the best, I self harmed for many years on...
  5. P

    Health anxiety

    Does anybody have health anxiety at all? I’ve recentkt become severely anxious that any slight illness I have will result in some kind of Cancer, I have two small children and I am terrified of leaving them. I’m now having severe panic attacks with chest pains and I convince myself It’s a heart...
  6. T

    Bit of advice and reassurance please?

    Not going to bore you with all the details had anxiety before and worked out of then recently I had a random panic attack on my way home. Then A week later I noticed my breathing was short like I have to yawn to get a breath I don't get no pains in my chest only slight throbbing now and then...
  7. Toasted Crumpet

    My leg appointment

    Saw my consultant yesterday about my leg. My partner normally goes with me but he was unwell so couldn't. Whenever I see her alone my consultant is different with me. She contradicts herself and doesn't seem too helpful. I've been doing extensive physio for at least 18 months and while the...
  8. Owlet

    In a tough situation for a long time. Feel so low. Long post.

    Sorry that this turned into a bit of an essay. Hi everybody. Signed up here a while ago and began writing an intro post that never got posted, so none of you will really know my history. Feeling exceptionally bad today and just need to talk with someone about it. Brief history: Was in a huge...
  9. Zoe :)

    Pains and weakness

    My arm where I have sh'd a lot has been getting pains.. Feels like something is stuck in a vein and I have to keep rubbing it.. And I wake up and my arm feels weak.. Could this be caused by sh? I haven't done anything serious is a good while
  10. P

    Unknown condition and no help from GP

    Hi there, For quite a lot of my life, I seem to have had my fair share of event swhich have led to a lot of mental health issues. I have reached a point in life where I don't know where to turn, don't know if it's worth even waking up in the morning and struggling to get a grasp of it all...
  11. S

    Period pains

    Period pains are absolutely killing me today I think its cos Ive stopped taking citalopram... my periods not even due for a week, it really gets me down because nothing seems to stop the pain :( :( :( :(
  12. G

    I'm too nice

    I feel like I'm being walked all over on. I don't feel my concerns are listened to and she refuses to change the diagnosis, though all tests prove that I have Aspergers and not schizophrenia or schizoaffective or bipolar or ADD. I feel like this is so crazy that they are ignoring me and shrug...
  13. H

    Severe anxiety within mood disorder/bpd

    Cant cope with the palpations anymore...getting severe chest pains......just feel like giving up on life.....any advice from others???
  14. L

    Stomach Pains

    last few days, I've had on/off stomach pains. It feels almost like air bubbles in my belly (lots of noise and belching). I've been restricting pretty severely. I thought it was gas, but I would have to eat for that, right? Could it possibly be air? Never heard of that, but that's what it...
  15. P

    Anxiety/panic attacks causing chest pains

    Before i cause a panic yes i have seen my doctor and had the tests done and no it is definitely not heart related :) For a few months on and off i have been having anxiety/panic attacks, sometimes caused by obvious things other times i just start to feel panicky for no apparent reason, and with...
  16. P

    im just going to put it out there and be straight to the point.

    ok my period pains are soooo fecking sore!!! (like i said im just going straight to the point) anyways.. .yeah.. i "feel" better after telling you all... but my period pains arent any better ... wahhhhhhh
  17. W

    Physical pain

    The chest pains are bad enough,but the pains in the gut are worse I feel like my Brain is killing me ,really needed help to get myself back together ,this is agony ,heart racing/chest sore/stomach sore,face sore I fuckin hate being me
  18. TiredTina

    chest pains

    hi ahmedalsaka, Its true that chest pains can be a symptom of anxiety but just to be on the safe side if I were you I would go and get it checked out by your doctor. I hope things improve for you soon. Tina
  19. RedRoseBeauty

    Starvation Mode

    I remember this part was hard. Trying to just ignore the food hunger pains. It needs to be done, I have to lose weight.
  20. mygirl1uk


    Hey all Im sitting here in tears wondering what to do, i really need some help. Im shaking, really dizzy and have pains in my chest. I have really bad urges to OD and SH, they are so strong. HELP