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  1. P

    I don't want to die but i do.

    Forced to kill meself. It's not that i want to die i just don't want to be tortured anymore. Never have i been suicidal but pain changes that.
  2. T

    Venlafaxine Vs Duloxetine

    After weaning off my amitriptyline to 10-20mg per day I am about to start venlafaxine. This is for depression. I have noticed since reducing the amitriptyline that my chronic back pain between my shoulder blades and up my neck has come back in a bad way. My amitriptyline must have been helping...
  3. L

    Worst day for a long while

    Today has been so ridiculously hard for me to get through. I've felt nothing all day apart from overwhelming sadness and pain. I feel ridiculous because I know exactly why I feel like this - without a boyfriend I am alone again and I am going to be alone forever. But I cannot seem to stop it, I...
  4. Jasmine-love

    Music that means something to you

    Share yours. If you listen to mine I'll listen to yours ;) I suggest putting this on loud. This is my favorite band, they were an 80s underground punk band but this music is everything to me. Band: The Gun Club - Song: Idiot Waltz This song represents all my pain and all my love. <3