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  1. T

    feet rubbing

    Hi, does anyone rub there feet together until It hurts? I ask because while i watch TV or are in bed i catch myself doing It because of the pain,bobviously because ive been doing It at that point for so long my feet hurt. And i dont know why im doing It.
  2. E

    A short writing- what is living death depression

    Feel a pain always May be this is my thinking,but it is real part of my body My whole is attached to this ,as though i was born with evil,but no..... This pain is real , but no system can find it. Everything looks fine to all passerbys...not one to empathize. Though ,i weep,i cry, i know all...
  3. little rose

    in pain

    I've just hurt myself and its really hurting feel really frustrated this never stops dont want to be mentally ill anymore dont understand why everything is still like this sitting here crying feeling extremely lost upset scared and alone crying and i have to get out of bed and face to tomorro...
  4. D

    Physical pain and nightmares

    I have been experiencing horrid dreams of past trauma and feeling physical pain during the dream and when I wake up. This have been getting worse since I have been doing EMDR. Do other people experience this? I feel very alone with this.
  5. S

    TW: Life of a Madman

    Trigger Warning: This includes violence, what could technically be considered child abuse, and some minor language. It's also rather long. When I was growing up my parents would say that things like Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety, and ADD aren't real. There were quite a few times where I told...
  6. S

    How can i know if i am a Sociopath?

    Hi, Firstly hello to all and thank you guys for allowing me to become participant of this forum. I am always being tagged as a sociopath by my friends because i don't shed tears like them on people who are in pain. Though innerly i share some pain but my friends don't stop calling me a...
  7. K

    Is this a mental illness?

    I am havinv stress with my studies, and found out that getting caned or spanked helps relieving stress with the pain. Does it mean I have mental illness? I get someone to do the caning and spanking for me.
  8. H

    I'm in pain

    I'm in a lot of pain but not sure why. I'm having these bad thoughts about myself but I know at the same time that they are not true, but still they are haunting me. I have only one friend who I feel comfortable enough to talk about my thoughts, but I do that too much but still can't get as much...
  9. B

    Is it weird to keep having fantasies about pain?

    I always have this Love/Hate relationship going on with pain. Either I can love it It can be anywhere from very mild to quite moderate or even on the high side (it's hard for me to gauge pain as I would rather smile and hide it; even if I'm miserable than to tell anybody about it) Or I can...
  10. B


    Hello to everyone! I was diagnosed with PTSD and DID (dissociative identity disorder) following the sudden death of my brother at a very young age (barely 18) and an abusive drunkard father who made my life a living hell for many long years. I suffered alone for very a long time, about 20...
  11. L

    ive self harmed

    ive self harmed it kind of stops the pain
  12. M

    i feel like i need to hurt myself

    :low: I am really struggling today, its my dads death anniversary its been 5 years today since i came home and found my dad dead on the sofa. he took an overdose. i was his full time carer and only person living with him. i was 17 years old when i found him. Today is hard im really really...
  13. A

    Alive but not living.

    Hello there, my names Aiden. I am almost 23 years old, that might seem young and I guess it is but to me it’s almost unbelievable that, that’s how old I am. I’ve spent the last 5 years in my room because of depression, anxiety, chronic pain from being hurt at football and i also have IBS. I...
  14. L

    im done ive self harmed

    i cant take the pain any more iv self harmed
  15. B

    Stuck in a random cycle of foot problems

    I've had this problem with my left foot for probably over 6 months now It's really weird because it comes and goes at what seems to be completely random, some days it is about an 8/10 on the pain scale(also my foot will feel very stiff and I won't be able to relieve the pressure); which is when...

    Pain and pleasure.

    They are so miserable, but I am smiling. The pain turns into pleasure. Pain and pleasure - Wikipedia
  17. little rose

    chronic trauma and the pain

    many many many times i have felt so alone i cant really comprehend my trauma that happened to me.. so many times i have been in emotional pain and still it continues.. no the trauma isnt continuin now but the effects are, and im so tired of feeling broken.. so many parts tome, very very...
  18. S

    Need help to deal with mental pain

    Hello everyone. I posted here a few months ago. I am here again to get some advice on dealing with my mental pain. I am confused about myself. I don't really see myself as a smart person. That makes me feel awful. I have always been a very quiet kid from birth. I am not quick witted and sharp...
  19. B

    What do you do for stomach pain?

    Ive had stomach pain for over 12 hours now, which i never get, i just woke up with stomach pain and its been bothering me all day, but it does feel like its getting better.
  20. I-am-nothing

    Scared im not going to see the new year in .

    I have been thinking this is it and I want to end my life before the new year is in ,the health service have left me to cope for 15 yrs with little or no help, my adult children have distanced themselves from me as they cant cope and dont understand what it is like , i am housebound and a...