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  1. R

    I grew up always trying to fight or hide the pain i keep inside

    There are good days and there are also bad days and what i mean by those days are the days where you are successful in not doing any "art" on your skin and today is one of those goods. These are the days i cherish the most where in I over come the nagging pain and to not grab a "pencil" to draw...
  2. Lolli_Liability


    I love it right now I love physical pain it is amazing it is the best feeling ever cause it's real . Also it makes me feel closer closer to the end . That would be nice . I feel like I can't get death right and that makes me so angry I even fuck up killing myself imagine that . So I keep...
  3. R

    Troubled by Mistakes

    Hello. Something that I've been experiencing for a considerable amount of time is self-doubt and anxiety regarding my intelligence and how that affects my life. It seems to me that every day, I make many mistakes, and it's difficult for me to forget them actively, as I always tend to retain the...
  4. A

    Sharing my surviving a suicide attempt story. Life CAN get better.

    Hi everyone. I’ve kept my health struggles private for a quarter of a century. Even as I type that, I’m amazed by it. It’s like it’s someone else and not me. My anxiety started from a young age and got worse due to a variety of people and situations through the years. I fell in love with a man...
  5. M

    All over pain with depression

    My entire body aches as if I have the flu without the stomach issues and I have chronic fatigue. This has been going on for months in conjunction with depression, and at least 4 years I've had less intense aches and pains. My doctors ran a bunch of tests and nothing came up. Fortunately my...
  6. R

    I'm tired

    i'm just literally tired of everything. I'm tire of being hurt by the people i love and value the most. I'm tired of crying. I'm tired of getting hurt. I'm tired of having no control over the pain that's killing me inside. I'm tired and i just want to have a control on how i feel. It doesn't...
  7. S

    Having nightmares and so much emotional pain

    Im already on medication and seeing a doctor. But its just making it worse. Im having very nasty nightmares. Very realistic and terrible .. My dreams are mostly violent. I also have a terrible chest pain. Its emotional I went to hospital.. I recently lost my house and love of my life Im staying...
  8. Kaii24


    Hi I’m Kaii. 23 and I’m suffering depression, PTSD and symptoms of bipolar disorder. Ive been dealing with this since the age of 3. I’ve dealt with sexual , mental, physical and emotional abuse. I’ve seen traumatic things in my lifetime. I decided to come on here because I feel like there’s...
  9. P

    Given up - Retreated into my own mind.

    It has taken so much to write this. I have retreated into a technique where if you were taken as a prisoner and that is to build in your brain. It doesn't matter what it is, a motorbike, house a car, I made a mistake of building a life. This life is somewhere I have stepped outside of my house...
  10. J

    Depression & Anxiety - Unpleasant feeling in chest

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this site. Hope you are all ok and staying strong. I am a 40 year old male, been suffering from depression for 20 years. When it first started it struck with with terrifying paranoia and anxiety and the feeling that I was going insane - then came the depression. But I...
  11. S

    I want people to talk to.

    Hi, first time engaging in a forum. I've been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks along with severe paranoia and depression for almost 11 years. Have been getting overall worse year by year, now im always in a state of anxiety (anxiety attack) that never stops, I get multiple panic attacks...
  12. K

    New and could do with some advice

    Hi I'm kirsty 43 Single mum and foster mum and usually a strong get on with it person I do have three chronic health issues that cause pain and at present cause frustration trying to sort out Was put in ducloxetine 20 mg thought ok but had lots of side effects so now not on it ( was 9 weeks )...
  13. B

    Isolation : Social Issues

    Okay , so I guess I'll just say...this. I isolate myself. I do it all the time. When people ask me to go there, or here with them, I completely hesitate. "No, I'm okay, maybe some other time", I say, although the other time doesn't happen. It's not that I don't like being social, I love...
  14. T

    Psychological Anger

    Has anyone dealt with psychological anger to the pain where you feel pain. I’ve been experiencing a lot these last two weeks and the only time I get some relief is if I take norcos and I have to buy them off the street. Can anyone share there experience and how they go through it.
  15. T

    Mentally in Pain and Suffering

    Hi, I was wondering how people describe there pain and suffering mentally and how they deal with it. My psychologist pain I feel makes me feel so depressed, that i read tylenol helps, but what really helps it is taking opiods. Thanks for your response.
  16. C

    How do I properly punish myself?

    I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact I'm a bad person, many people have made me realise lately how much of an emotional abuser and toxic person I am. So what do I do to get the full affect of making sure I feel as much pain as possible that I deserve? They're right when saying the abused...
  17. M

    Nobody understands our pain

    Nobody understands the pain we go through daily as sufferers of mental and/or physical illnesses. It's just frustrating that my parents simply cannot accept that I do have a problem with myself. That it's all "in my head" and that I should just get over it. They should swap minds with me to feel...
  18. J

    Hard time dealing with diagnosis

    I have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. I am having a rough time accepting this diagnosis as truth. I do feel like something may be mentally wrong with me but I feel like it is the result of an underlying illness. Multiple doctors have stated that I am fine but it is hard to...
  19. S

    Hi all

    Hi everyone. New on here. Been suffering with Anxiety and depression since 2013. In the last 5 years my symptoms have got a lot worse. I currently live in a shared accommodation in which I keep myself to myself. I have no friends and my family are unsupportive of my condition. In the past I...
  20. S

    Too terrified to see a doctor

    The bottom line is I am terrified I may have breast cancer, and this has been going on a long time. For a number of years I have been getting pain in my left breast that feels like mastitis. It comes for a while and goes. A few times I have picked up the nerve and gone to the hospital to see...