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  1. N

    I don't feel what I should...

    If I'm not in pain, I feel nothing. I don't feel like myself if I'm not self harming because I like the scars. I see the scars and I'm me that way. I do good things for others, but it's only what I'm supposed to do. I have Christian beliefs, but I can't find it in myself to include other people...
  2. X

    Should I talk to my friends ?

    I have a few very close friends but I dont want to annoy them. Right now I only feel hate for myself. They helped me for a week now and I dont want to scare them away. I have thoughts about suicide aswell and i think about sending myself in a hospital but i dont want to hurt my mother.
  3. R

    The Pain of Infidelity & the Depression it Causes

    Six weeks ago I decided to call my ex, or my girlfriend at the time, and, when she responded, I heard her whimpering and grunting in a very slow way; I knew what was happening. What happened subsequently, I don't remember exactly.. although I do remember falling on the floor and crying to the...
  4. C

    Chronic pain/Fibromyalgia?

    Does anyone have any experience with this? My GP refuses to settle on a diagnosis as I've been referred to the "pain team" - only I've got two months to wait until I see anyone there. They keep cancelling, moving appointments... GP also refuses to give me any medication because "we've tried...
  5. U


    Hi! I am taking Mirtazapine for depression and sleep. I have been on it for about a week, nothing so far in the area of sleep, that is. I know that I need help and fast! I see a behavioral health doctor at the VA for my condition. Moreover, I have service connected conditions I think is one of...
  6. A

    :( sad

    Hello everyone, I am pretty much in dire straits and an online forum is the ONLY thing that I haven’t tried. Before I begin I will tell you that I have my first NHS psychotherapist appointment next week and speak to my GP regularly. About me; I am 32 years old, male, fit, great job, fabulous...
  7. A

    Life is hard enough

    Hello everyone, I am pretty much in dire straits and an online forum is the ONLY thing that I haven’t tried. Before I begin I will tell you that I have my first NHS psychotherapist appointment next week and speak to my GP regularly. About me; I am 32 years old, male, fit, great job, fabulous...
  8. Y

    Anxiety Chest Pains 24/7 help!

    Hey everyone so here's the story. So over 2 years ago I was abusing drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy and much more. I ended up overdosing and during this time I blacked out and had a very vivid dream. In the dream I had a very realistic and painful heart attack and felt it all. Upon waking up I...
  9. angry butterfly

    i'm so stupid...

    Please help and reassure. Relapsing, took my eye off the ball. Have come a long way with my ocd. Has been managable and not so intense and acute. Now something and have strong anxiety again, just like have had so often and for so many years in the past. Dont like to be reminded of all that pain...
  10. qwerty1234

    Conflict and sensitivity

    My Dad yelled at me sharply, and I don't stand up for myself or anything when people get angry, I could but it makes the physical pain worse. So I just go off alone to process. I don't know if it is a good or bad thing but I feel more physical pain than upset when it happens. He yelled because...
  11. letmein

    please god

    take the pain away.
  12. T

    Pain relief

    Hi , I just thought I’d post this as it may help someone, it my be in the wrong place so a moderator might move it, Anyway I was looking at Wikipedia about psychological pain Psychological pain - Wikipedia I remember learning that psychological pain triggers the same parts of the brain as...
  13. nkirkas

    Hi everyone have a great life

    Hi to everyone here, Hope we get mental healthy as soon as possible especially those who are really suffering,because ive heard common people say "im depressed" and i always thought you didn't even meet real depression yet,to suffer your whole life from child to an adult,to wanna surrender..So...
  14. D

    Getting off of seroquel

    My doctors assistant met with me since my doctor was on an emergency call. This assistant heard not one thing I said and gave me samples of Latuda to start taking and he told me to stop my 200mgs of Seroquel. I told the provider I have been taking seroquel for 14 years but he said go ahead and...
  15. J

    Anxiety physical symptom affecting my life, just sharing my experience

    Hi guys, first off all I'm not an english native speaker, so spell checks are welcome :) I'm only a 20 year old male and I feel really bad having all of this so young. Anyway, after some time browsing the web I found this website and I thought about sharing my experience as it's being hard to...
  16. A

    I feel so alone and I don't know what to do

    I feel so alone. Everyone around me is getting married or buying a house with their S.O and I'm still in my bedroom crying. It's always in my head but sometimes the feeling is overwhelming. It fills every thought. It makes the muscles in my chest tense and makes each breath a little more...
  17. S

    I don't want to be here anymore

    So hi, this is my first post. I am struggling with depression and thoughts of not wanting to be here anymore. I have recently split from my partner due to pushing him away and am now a single mum to 3 children by two different dad's. How awful does that sound!? I have also managed to push away...
  18. letmein

    is it ok to cry

    i can't stop.. anything is setting me off... i really do think I should "exit" I can't do this pain.
  19. T

    Just joined

    Hello folks ... wanted to join to see if i can shed any light on this For the past 2 weeks i have been having what feel like internal tremors. More noticable when i rest....you cant see any twitch but i can feel this inside. When im sleeping i have woke up with sore shoulder, one nite sweat and...
  20. R

    I grew up always trying to fight or hide the pain i keep inside

    There are good days and there are also bad days and what i mean by those days are the days where you are successful in not doing any "art" on your skin and today is one of those goods. These are the days i cherish the most where in I over come the nagging pain and to not grab a "pencil" to draw...