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    Hey everyone check this out.

    Hey it's Paige and I wanted to inform everyone that I made a YouTube channel for schizophrenia and other mental illnesses I really do want to inspire people and when people hear my name they say oh I know her she helped and made being schizophrenic not so tough but I'm posting videos on YouTube...
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    Social Anxiety

    So who gets anxiety everyone right? Well we all know it sucks and is scary. But when i have to ask for something or talk to someone i get real bad social anxiety. its hard to even order pizza. now anxiety is different for others but i have schizophrenia also so when the voices and hallucinations...
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    17 Year old aspiring Clinical Psychologist. I'm Paige!

    Hello! I've joined this forum to gain more insight into mental health as I wish to become a clinical psychologist and work with certain aspects of mental health! I was just wondering also, if anyone has any book recommendations, fiction or non fiction or autobiographical or biographical. much...